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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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    Default Jumpey3 for Wotd?

    World: Jumpey3
    GrowID: Fayey

    Name:  1572146582552.png
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Size:  589.0 KB

    The most difficult parkour puzzles. very annoying. the hardest of the hardest. you can prove it yourself. you have to answer all the riddles. don't miss a single sign because they are very helpful for answering all the puzzles. pay attention around. use wings or parasols to get the best experience and also you can use balloons, bubble gum, and a snowball to make it easier to pass obstacles. Have a nice play. Thanks.

    -Punch and Zombie Jammers.
    -Treasure Blast.
    -Credit Board.
    -Public Board.
    -Winner Room.
    -Adventure Item.

    Thanks for your support.

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    Default ALTHEROS for WOTD?

    Name:  CF33743A-F5D6-4B3E-BA97-5575547BBC6A.png
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    This entry contains two worlds and two sections. The first section contains information about the famous event, Halloween. While the other section has a creepy story to offer about a boy who was stuck in a dream because of a demon called the Lullaby Man. Boo!
    Second world:
    Name:  82B07A68-C499-44DE-BDE0-FDB8B0AFE334.png
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    It’s pretty ugly, but it isn’t supposed to be appealing. It’s supposed to be an in game experience.

    This entry contains the following:
    Weather machine- Background and Spooky
    Recent Event Blocks such as Pumpkins. ( plus 1 point )
    Trickster and Bots. ( plus 1 point )
    Credit Board
    Song- Spooky Scary Skeletons
    Adventure items parkour

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    Name:  hallowbirth.png
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    World Desc: Your father lets you finally visit another town for once on your own, just because you're turning 18. You come back a few days later on Halloween & birthday celebration, but something happened. No one is celebrating your birthday or Halloween. The kids aren't running, there's no candy on the floor. There are barely any fancy decoration, your royal crown is missing. What's going on?

    Jammers include: Guardian Pineapple, Punch, Zombie, Mini-mod, Ghost Charm, and Firehouse.

    Song: Undertale OST: 004 - Fallen Down, by MusicOfMine.

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    *feeding carlo* my burrito

    Default THESINISTERCASTLE - a 2-world adventure map.


    This map includes 2 worlds: THESINISTERCASTLE & THESINISTERCASTLE3
    Name:  thesinistercastle.png
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    You are a Head Servant sent by your Master to manage this castle. However, the castle is locked and you forgot to bring the keys with you. Your task if to figure out how to get inside the castle.

    The map was inspired by the 2D Game Genre, I tried to implement the 2D Adventure Vibes for the second world. You will be sent into the second world upon finishing the first world.

    This map includes a song made by MusicOfMine:
    "Hyrule Castle (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild OST)" i tried to make the Hyrule Castle

    All necessary jammers are provided.

    Credits to Liquify, Sirvin, and Cool050 for providing supplies.
    Special Mention: mongkorn01 and CookingMeat for testing world, thanks Emuora for cheering me up uwu

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidleCones View Post
    I've made some improvements to the storyline and added some new blocks and i hope you guys like it

    Ths world has
    -cool parkour
    -a wide variety of blocks
    -usage of adventure items
    -usage of gravity wells, death trap and more
    -and medium difficulty parkour

    Grow ID: Chaledean

    Attachment 226635

    - - - Updated - - -

    DESTRUCTIVECRYSTALES FOR WOTD by Chaledean and KyahEphreim

    There were a two crystals but someone had a plan to steal them... they successfully stole them and it caused the crystals to be destructive

    This world has
    -Cool storyline
    -Quite challenging parkour
    -Guessing game
    -Lots of puzzles
    - a guide to help new players on what they need to play the parkour
    - a VIP lounge for the winners
    - a quite confusing level that needs critical thinking

    Grow ID: Chaledean

    Latest render:
    Attachment 226637

    Repost for the new page

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    Default CHILDRENWORLD for WOTD :]

    My GrowID: Ruwr

    Hello, I have built a world which seems to be very decorated and it satisfies all requirements that are asked. It has PZ jammers, weather and also a nice piece of pixel art as you see in the picture :]
    Also I would like to mention a little of the story of this world.
    The world is about bad and good sides of the world, also it says that there are bad children and good children. To become a good one, you will have to beat the dark side of the badness and jump over some spikes :] I hope you guys will like my world. Heres the picture - Name:  childrenworld.png
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    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather Machine Jungle
    -Interesting 2nd person story
    -Easy-medium parkour
    -Summer clash blocks

    You embark on another journey to discover unknown lands. Your map lead you to this place and according to some of your researches, it's very dangerous. There is a tower with the ability to transform anything to something. That something remains unknown until you discover the truth. You make your way through these woods to find what you're looking for.

    Name:  enchantedwoods.png
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Size:  1.45 MB

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    Default Nominating THECURSEDFLAME for WOTD 🏆

    THECURSEDFLAME by Kaito and Krankie

    Here is the latest world render!
    Name:  thecursedflame.png
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Size:  1.62 MB

    In the city of Haluluna, a fire emerged within the forest causing enormous fire spreads among the city: this fire plead no harm to burn anything but to curse massively on its surroundings. A chosen one, prior to a prophecy from the Crapedium Book of Haluluna, a book which holds the destiny of the city written by a Greek God named "Titaly", ruler of fate and wisdom. The chosen one was to find solution to stop the curse of the flame, and try to revoke it with the help of the Eyeledge, what holds beyond hids beneath.

    World Contains:
    *Various Scenarios
    *Horrific Storyline
    *Pixel Arts
    *Wolfworld inspired
    *Usage of numerous unknown blocks
    *Usage of old and new Halloween Blocks
    *Story Quiz
    *Mind boggling block mixing
    *Usage of various adventure items
    *Full set of jammers: Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and Ghost Charm
    *Publicity of Bridge Creation
    *Moral Lessons
    *Medium Difficulty Level
    *Creditory Board
    *Ensurance of better gameplay

    The blocks used may look messy on the render as what I intended to do, it is done just because the gameplay showcases different lookouts. Hoping for another win, this is for you guys: my burnin' babies (followers). I can't explain how thankful I am to you guys for criticizing my world honestly. @growtopia
    Hey there folks, come and join us in our very special Secret Santa 2019 ⛄

    By clicking this link❄

    IGN: Kaito
    World: KAITO
    Instagram: @kaitonatics

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    GrowID: Rovie
    -Growganoth eliminated all of the Growtopian population... but one. You, the only remaining survivor, was a prisoner locked down in a dark cavern. With little food and energy left, you break free from your cell. Battling through the most dangerous caves, CyBots, Tricksters and more, you attempt to defeat the Growganoth.

    World includes:
    Basic jammers, ghost charm
    Credits by door, includes storyline
    Trickster parkour
    Winner’s room
    Adventure items
    Obelisks and sungate
    1 on 1 Growganoth boss fight

    Render:Name:  4D26160D-9166-49A7-8678-6A96FB13BAC1.png
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Size:  451.1 KB
    IGN: Rovie

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    Default CHUTULUTWINS by AbieP

    GrowId : AbieP

    A little boy found a strange toy, he took it and played it for a while. Then accidentally he dropped the toy and it broke up. A strange soul came out with a strange sound too. Then an earthquake occurred. Someone screaming if there is a monster, a legend, a creature. They will eat what they see, everything. Their names are "The Twins"

    This world has :
    - P/Z Jammer
    - VIP area
    - Storyline
    - Parkour
    - Adventure items
    - Hangout room
    - The Twins's art
    Name:  chutulutwins (2)_1678.png
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Size:  345.1 KB

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    I've made a few improvements in this world and i hope you guys liked it.

    This World Has:
    -Cool pixel art
    -Lots of riddles
    -Blocks that can be confusing
    -Storyline about sakura
    -Usage of Adventure Items
    -Medium difficulty parkour
    -And many more to explore

    Grow ID: Chaledean

    Name:  sakuraventure.png
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Size:  1.08 MB

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    Default Jumpey3 for Wotd?

    World: Jumpey3
    GrowID: Fayey

    Name:  1572146582552.png
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    The most difficult parkour puzzles. very annoying. the hardest of the hardest. you can prove it yourself. you have to answer all the riddles. don't miss a single sign because they are very helpful for answering all the puzzles. pay attention around. use wings or parasols to get the best experience and also you can use balloons, bubble gum, and a snowball to make it easier to pass obstacles. Have a nice play. Thanks.

    -Punch and Zombie Jammers.
    -Treasure Blast.
    -Credit Board.
    -Public Board.
    -Winner Room.
    -Adventure Item.

    Thanks for your support.

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    One day, while you were going to your friend’s house, you suddenly saw a desert that was fenced off. The fence is affixed with the words “DANGEROUS! DO NOT ENTER!”. Because you are curious, you climb the fence and enter the desert area. When you enter the desert, suddenly a piece of paper falls infront of you. This is the contents of the paper:
    “You’re trapped! You can’t get out of this desert unless you look for a blue portal that can bring you back. But, remember! To find the blue portal is not as easy as you think!”

    -Punch and Zombie jammer
    -Weather machine - Arid
    -Pixel art
    -Credit board

    Name:  thedangerousdesert.png
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Size:  1.08 MB

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    Red face Nominating my world for WOTD!

    Name:  theshyskull.png
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Size:  741.4 KB

    Hello Growtopians! here's a submission of mine, Hopefully I win

    Here's a quick description of my world:

    -It has a lot creepy stories that will shiver your bones out!
    -A skull to explore
    -Adventure Items
    -Contains halloween Items
    -Punch & Zombie Jammers
    -Weather Machine - Background
    -A maze in the dark side
    -A medium parkour on the white side

    Thanks and have a scary halloween to all of you co growtopians!
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    I dont live in darkness, darkness lives in me.
    Becareful who you trust, the devil was once an angel.
    Depression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die.

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    by (IGN) ZyWick

    A very quick description: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Name:  thetombofgrowganoth.png
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Size:  1.06 MB
    IGN: ZyWick

    Every Betrayal
    Every Alliance
    Every Risk
    Every Sacrifice
    Every Oath
    Every Death

    is all #ForTheThrone

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    Default SONLAND For WOTD?

    World Name: SONLAND
    Grow Name : TeaLand
    My World SONLAND Have amazing adventures to do...

    - Have Punch/Zombie Jammer
    - Have Weather
    - Adventure Items
    - Parkour

    World is about a place where protected from gorillas. Player have to get bananas and feed them to continue the trip...

    Name:  sonland.png
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Size:  992.2 KB

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    Default PZINC (WOTD Entry)

    World: PZINC
    Grow Id: FrostySickle
    Growtopians you are invited to be more adventurous and test your limit on this parkour. There are two fruits you need to collect to get more tougher than you are and go beyond the trial to deal with.
    It is an adventure that will make you tougher when you finish it.
    (I cant post picture here thats why its a link I think my cellphone is broken)
    Last edited by FrostySickle; 11-03-2019 at 12:03 PM. Reason: I cant add the downloaded picture

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    Name:  phemus.png
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    Forumers Guild: BETA GUILD

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    by Khalid

    Default Hoping to win WOTD

    Name:  treasuremap.png
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Size:  913.1 KB
    Username: BLUTCH

    You found an ancient treasure map leading back to the day of the Legendary Captain Kidd. It led you to a mysterious island unknown to the map. It is said that all of his great treasures are hidden here! You embark on your journey to success and power!

    I know this isn't Halloween theme but so, there is a chance for everything. I'm hoping to win this WOTD, took me tons of time and effort
    Follow my Instagram: @blutchofficial
    Subscribe my Youtube: BLUTCH Official

    Goals in Growtopia:
    Angel of Mercy's Wings: ✔
    Dr. Title: ✖
    3 WOTDs: 1/3
    Legendary Dragon: ✖
    1 BGL: ✔
    1k YT Subs: ✖

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    Default HalloweenJump

    GrowID: MiLYONERiM

    Name:  halloweenjump.png
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Size:  913.6 KB


    Halloween Monsters are back!
    Crazy, hungry, bloodthirsty monster is ready to eat somone. By the way, I have some bad news... You’re in this nightmare with friendly ghost. You’ve to get to the sheltered room
    [and the Adventure Begins!]


    This World Has:

    • Story
    • Adventure Items
    • Parkour
    • Maze
    • Guardian Pineapple
    • Zombie and Punch Jammer
    • Firehouse



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