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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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    Yearning for a spooky poem as the holidays approach? Here you are!

    Ulalume was a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe. It is about a lover who finds the tomb of his lost wife on a scary night.

    Name:  ulalume.png
Views: 186
Size:  1,015.7 KB

    -a mystifying poem
    -dynamic parkour
    -history of Ulalume/Edgar Allan Poe section

    Thanks! IGN: sSpark.
    **this world won 4-6th place from the Halloween Building Competition!

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    Default My world for wotd

    World name : SEAHORSEHAVEN
    Growid : GTFISHKID
    Latest render 25 nov ( I added 1 more small seahorse)

    Creds to inceptionist for big seahorse pixel art

    TAKE A HIKE THROUGH SEAHORSEHAVEN!Name:  seahorsehaven.png
Views: 57
Size:  1.03 MB
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Default amazing adventure!

    World: Xelabeach

    Attachment 227238
    Help Dr.Xela find the CROMO-crystal to undo the bad effect what made the clouds alive
    Explore the abandonet cave system and explore the strange transformed beach.
    Come and explore an beautifull adventure map and get ready to get a hero
    Go play or just spectate from many cool places!
    World createt at 11.11.2019
    World finished at 20.11.2019

    Please rate my world and sugest me more cool ideas.
    World testet by LazerBeam JerSkiee reizhehrz MrFishings
    For this parkour u need wings
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    This map includes 2 worlds: THESINISTERCASTLE & THESINISTERCASTLE3
    Name:  thesinistercastle.png
Views: 171
Size:  816.3 KB

    The map was inspired by the 2D Game Genre, I tried to implement the 2D Adventure Vibes for the second world. You will be sent into the second world upon finishing the first world.

    • Songs for both worlds transcribed by MusicOfMine
    • Fully jammed worlds
    • 2 worlds to play
    • A Story
    • Parkour

    Song: The Legend of Zelda: BOTW OST - Hyrule Castle (2 Variations)

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    Default Jumpey3 for Wotd?

    World: Jumpey3
    GrowID: Fayey

    Name:  1572146582552.png
Views: 158
Size:  589.0 KB

    The most difficult parkour puzzles. very annoying. the hardest of the hardest. you can prove it yourself. you have to answer all the riddles. don't miss a single sign because they are very helpful for answering all the puzzles. pay attention around. use wings or parasols to get the best experience and also you can use balloons, bubble gum, and a snowball to make it easier to pass obstacles. Have a nice play. Thanks.

    -Punch and Zombie Jammers.
    -Treasure Blast.
    -Credit Board.
    -Public Board.
    -Winner Room.
    -Adventure Item.

    Thanks for your support.

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    Red face Nominating my world for WOTD!

    Name:  eyeofblood.png
Views: 165
Size:  925.3 KB

    GrowID: Frgaming
    There was an ancient demon called Blood Lord. He has already appeared 13 years ago before,but he didn’t leave!
    He kills innocent people and after that he eats their souls, which keeps him alive. He’s lookin’ for dead souls once again and he will get themn no matter what! You’re the only person that can kill the Blood lord! You have to do everything faster...

    World Contains:
    -Adventure Items
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Punch Jammer
    -Mars Blast World
    -Medium Parkour
    -Cool Maze

    Hope you enjoy the world!
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    World: CONNECTEDTOWER by voOny (the third letter is O not zero)
    Name:  connectedtower.png
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Size:  867.7 KB

    Oh no, what will happpen to puzzle iced tower?

    No doubt, it is one of a kind in growtopia planet.

    You and your friends try to explore this towers and as you go on you will encounter adventure parkour!

    Punch Jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    Warp speed- Weather Machine
    Added Firehouse
    Adventure Parkour
    And a little bit of fiction.....

    Why the world is name as CONNECTEDTOWER?
    Because there are towers connected to each other, simple as that

    Note: You may see that there are 2 portals in this world, and it is not meant to link to other worlds, it is linked to some areas in the world which is CONNECTEDTOWER.

    World: ANCIENTPLANET by voOny
    Name:  ancientplanet.png
Views: 163
Size:  1.80 MB

    During ancient time, ancient people built pyramids or temples for their pharaoh, king, queen, or any people that had a high status in the society. Through their hardwork, they created a well-developed, nice, and creative sites.

    But the thing is, nowadays technology makes a person's work easier or a person's life easier. And some modern people don't still appreciate the hardwork of the old times.

    So, in this world you will experience hardwork through a parkour.

    Punch Jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    Fire House
    Weather Machine- Jungle

    I let the world become "Haunted" because people from the past also believes in ghosts, spirits, etc.

    Note: I made this world on my past account and I renovated it and use blocks that I just know recently which is very cool.


    To be honest, I am uneasy if I am eligible to win World of the Day (it is not that im saying I should win WOTD) because for past few months I know I have been banned (I don't know the specific number but it is just a matter of hours) because of my IP address and in fact it was due to anonymous user.

    One of the requirements is that for the past 6 months, the player must not been banned for more than 3 days, so this what I feel uneasy about because I quitted like 1-2 months and I dont know if I have been banned or not due to IP address issues.

    So that is my point of view, thank you for your time reading. Plus, sorry if this will cause a spam because this thread is very long. Hope you understand my concerns.

    If you have question about my concern, you can freely ask me on this thread. Thank you.

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    Ig: Kyan7
    PZ Jammer
    Guardian Pineapple
    Night Weather
    Spooky Song by Kennedjiro (no rules about not composing ourselves?)
    New world
    Used Gravity Wells and Deathtraps
    Has a scary halloweeny story
    Has halloween blocks (not as overused as other worlds)
    A couple of crime facts on Halloween
    Mystery Door with 2 possible endings

    In my world, YOU are the murderer (unique)

    The story is about a person (the player) whose love got stabbed, and you are taking revenge and have planned to go through an unknown cave system that leads to the killers family house in which you will attempt to murder the family.

    More about it in the world next to the door
    Name:  midnightmurders.png
Views: 141
Size:  392.2 KB

    I know its not the best but i tried the best
    “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
    — The Doctor
    “I was born to make mistakes, not to be perfect.”
    ― Ross Lynch

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    Talking nominating THEAGEOFVENDING for wotd

    an information world to teach players how to make more wl with vending machine
    and so much more
    here's the renderworld
    name : highgear
    world : theageofvending (theageofvend for short)

    Name:  theageofvending.jpeg
Views: 139
Size:  656.5 KB

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    GrowID: Rovie


    You are a spelunker searching for the Orb of Winter Spirit. Legend has it, it can be found in these very caverns below. Search for it in this happy, wintery parkour!

    World Contains:
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    IGN: Rovie

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    Me change the story lol
    Growid: RiMuOi

    You live as an adventurer and the guild asks you to do an S + rank mission, the mission is to find a lost kingdom, that kingdom was once the strongest kingdom they had very strong monsters but suddenly the location was lost and turned into a forest.
    your job is to find out what happens to the kingdom

    World has:
    ~Punch and Zombie Jammer
    ~Ghost Charm
    ~Easy Parkour
    ~a lot of Adventure item
    ~pixel art
    ~Short Story
    Here is the latest render:
    Name:  dragonsinsofwrath.png
Views: 142
Size:  1.74 MB
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    My personal background is everything video games and anime.

    Remember im boy..

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    Default EscapeThePrison

    Name:  63AA25B3-2169-40DE-8712-CE5BDFDFFF38.jpeg
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Size:  341.3 KB

    Nominating my world EscapeThePrison for WOTD.

    Story : After robbing Growtopia's bank, you started living a miserable life in prison. You decided to escape. Will your plan to get back home succeed?

    This world has : • Basic jammers and a weather for a better experience.
    • A great song.
    • A story with original mechanics.
    • 3 levels of parkour, each level takes place in different place than the other and has a relation with the story.
    • A pixel art of a police helicopter.
    • Some hangout areas.
    • The use of some new blocks.
    • And other stuff you'll discover!

    Latest render : 22/9/2019

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    I know I just nominated myself recently, but i’ve made some changes to the cave area to make it seem more “cavey”

    GrowID: Rovie


    You are a spelunker searching for the Orb of Winter Spirit. Legend has it, it can be found in these very caverns below. Search for it in this happy, wintery parkour!

    World Contains:

    Name:  C2171870-7434-44FD-9766-B84326EDCB21.jpeg
Views: 116
Size:  587.5 KB
    IGN: Rovie

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    Post Nominating For World Of The Day!

    GrowID: Cufex

    The story is about a mother trying to make it clear that not everything in life needs to go well for her child who is sad because everything always goes wrong. She explains that every bad thing comes with the good, but we don't always notice it.. we always have both Satan and the angel on shoulder. if Satan does evil then the angel will try to save you from it...whether the child understood what his mother wanted to say him? find out in world.

    - Basic jammers,weather
    - VIP area
    - Pixel art
    - Adventure items
    - Storyline
    - Credits board
    - Surf parkour and basic parkour
    - Easy-medium parkour

    Name:  heaveninhell.png
Views: 110
Size:  283.6 KB

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    Default LostPrism For WOTD

    My world is monochromatic blasted
    My world has:

    Demon Cows
    Red Grass (Painted)
    Red Trees (Painted)
    Clouds And Floating Islands

    Hope I Win WOTD

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    Smile amazing adventure!

    This is my first adventure map ans it was a hard and stressfull week for me.I would be happy for an rating and sugest me what i could inprove.

    Creator: alexxelatv7
    World Name: XelaBeach

    Name:  image.png
Views: 98
Size:  647.8 KB

    Short Story:

    Dr.Xela, a strange person , made a big mistake. He wantet to bring the sunmer back and used for this the rare unstable "CROMO-CRYSTAL".But the summer was not the only thing i bringed back! He also made the clouds alive and transformed in a strange way the beach.HELP DR.XELA undo the effect and be ready for an great adventure.

    World got testet by 3 of my friends.
    World Features:
    -P/ Z jammer and firehouse
    -A cool story line
    -A Medium dificulty at parkour

    -and happines

    By Problems please inform me!
    Thank you for the time acorded me.
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    Background information:

    This school is one of the oldest schools since its establishment. It was established in the 17th Century when the government decided to make one big project on education. The school contains three massive and wide floors. Each room has provisions of student's interest. For instance would be the Art Room and Sports Hall. With such amenities, the school had became well-known in Growtopia history.

    It was a very big success for the government on enhancing. However one day, there were hoards of zombies came out of nowhere, attacking the school eventually conquering it. Students were terrified against the zombies and resulting the school to be abandoned. That was a dreadful day that zombies had ruin and shattered everyone's hopes on the school.

    Till today, there were some students and teachers who are trapped...

    World Design (Would prefer to look in game as it is very different on render!)
    Attachment 227102

    World contains:
    - P & Z jammers
    - Ghost charm
    - Apocalypse weather (To turn some of the growtopians into zombies)
    - Beautiful color paints (Looks realistic or as if there is a night vision)
    - Clothes that are related (School uniforms, Zombie clothing and more)
    - Music blocks (Music boxes and Military Radios in some areas of the world)

    This is a Roleplay world between humans and zombies. Zombies can be easily spawn every hour because of the apocalypse weather.

    World Name: ZOMBIESCHOOL
    GrowID: AdvancedFarm

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    I am presenting the world HWARRIOR for World of the Day (WotD)

    The world contains the following:

    - Basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie Jammers),
    - Pineapple Guardian,
    - Ghost Charm
    - Weather Machine - Arid,
    - Creditory Board
    - Increasing Level of Parkour from Easy to Average Difficulty,
    - A unique storyline,
    - Thanksgiving Themed!,
    - Different types of parkours,
    - Use of adventure items,
    - Sungate and Obelisks Challenge,
    - Useful information about Thanksgiving, including the Thanksgiving event in Growtopia!
    - A big pixel art of a turkey, which contains a parkour,
    - Lastly, a VIP or Hangout area for the people who are able to beat the world.

    World Description:

    The world gives emphasis on how should we celebrate holidays, for example Thanksgiving. The story starts on you playing a game titled Holiday Warrior, a game you always play when there are special events and holidays. Later on, the game will teach you that holidays are not just events that gives free time but an event worth celebrating.

    Here is the latest render of the world.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather Machine Jungle
    -Interesting 2nd person story
    -Easy-medium parkour
    -Summer clash blocks
    -Winner's area

    You embark on another journey to discover unknown lands. Your map lead you to this place and according to some of your researches, it's very dangerous. There is a tower with the ability to transform anything to something. That something remains unknown until you discover the truth. You make your way through these woods to find what you're looking for.

    Name:  enchantedwoods.png
Views: 78
Size:  1.01 MB

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    GROWID: Lombes

    Santa Claus has caught you and you are trying to escape from her!

    ~ Punch & Zombie Jammer
    ~ Snowy Weather Machine
    ~ Credit Board near the White door
    ~ Designs
    ~ Comfortable Lobby/Hangout if you finished the parkour
    ~ "Find the letter and word" mechanism
    ~ "Get the item and go back" mechanism
    ~ Adventure items (Banana, Key, Rope, Golden Idol)
    ~ Difficulty: Medium
    Attached Images Attached Images  



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