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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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    Default Nominations


    This world has
    -awesome parkours
    -fun and new mechanics
    -the short but interesting storyline
    -medium difficulty level
    -and many more to explore

    Render:Name:  sakuraventure.png
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Size:  496.8 KB


    This world has
    -New mechanics of playing
    -Zodiac inspired storyline
    -Lots of decorative items
    -Steam game
    -and critical thinking mazes

    (it looks quite a lot of blocks in render but trust me its fun playing in-game)

    RENDER:Name:  libraprophecy.png
Views: 142
Size:  720.9 KB
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gtsjokers View Post
    hi guys, im building wotd and im wondering to put vends in my wotd world, im only putting related items in them, such as asbestos, parasols, etc, im only want to use 4 vends. is that allowed?

    ps, im so close to finishing, will submit it tomorrow!

    no you can't, not allowed to sell anything, nor take advantage of your WOTD.

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    Story, Sally was always a lonely girl. She didn't have many friends, no one liked rich girls in this town. So her father bought her something that he knew she would love. A life sized doll.

    -Weather machine - Night
    -Punch Jammer and Zombie Jammer
    -Signal Jammer (used rarely)
    -Fire House
    -Story about a Doll
    -Usage of Adventure Items
    -Death Trap Walls
    -Gravity Wells
    -Dimension Blocks

    Owner: PPVStar

    Name:  toystorywoody.png
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Size:  443.0 KB


    thank you for all the advices and tips! And good luck!

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    This world has
    -New mechanics of playing
    -Zodiac inspired storyline
    -Lots of decorative items
    -Steam game
    -and critical thinking mazes

    (it looks quite a lot of blocks in render but trust me its fun playing in-game)

    RENDER:Name:  libraprophecy.png
Views: 142
Size:  720.9 KB[/QUOTE]
    Go make world about 7 deadly sins it will good for me

    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderAly View Post
    My personal background is everything video games and anime.

    Remember im boy..

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    Name:  dragonvalentine.png
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Size:  468.0 KB

    Synopsis :
    Looks like someone can't find what is true love. And you, maybe you could help a queen with drago-heart. Start your journey to find a true love and bring to our drago-heart!

    *1 Cave Slab
    *Adv. Items and obstacles.

    In Additional.
    *Punch and Zombie Jammer,
    *Thrilling story about valentine that you should to know it,
    *and last Dragon art belongs to ItzEagleT.


    Name:  thelastjudgements.png
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Size:  387.6 KB

    - Previous episode from Prismdimension of Elementforest WOTD, here's the continuous! -

    Synopsis :
    Whoosh, the dark hole teleported into red world with strange area. Suddenly, this is an actual arsonist hometown. Which this area has been taken away by his enemies.

    *) Trickster is working on Tower and cloud part.
    *) Up, Up and Away Blocks!

    In Additional.
    * Song playing : Maplestory - Temple of time
    * Punch and Zombie Jammer.
    * Readable story-telling.
    I hate forum usage, please increase upload size pl0x I hate forum usage, please increase upload size pl0x

    Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised. Oh, he's a bit fierceness, careful.

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    Default Nominate Alahs for WOTD

    You are heading to the best party ever!!Until you find out that you had lost the keys they gave you!!!!!You search everywhere until you find them and when you do you have the best day ever!

    World Name:Alahs


    Weather Machine-Stargazing
    Credits Board
    Adventure Items
    Punch Jammer

    Name:  alahs.png
Views: 115
Size:  567.8 KB

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    Default LONELYOCEAN for WOTD!

    Hey growtopians!
    Today I am submitting a world made with inspiration from the famous yet emotional movie titanic!
    The goal of the world is to parkour your way through the boat, and reach the helicopter to be rescued!
    The world includes the following
    -PZ Jammers/Weather
    -Credit Board Near Entrance
    -Adventure Items!
    -A Medium Difficulty Parkour! (Noob Friendly)
    -A Great Big Pixel Art Ship

    GrowID : BlessingHero
    World: LonelyOcean

    This world is important to me as I made it with as much detail as possible and with the help of my friends , we constructed this fantastic world!
    Thank you growtopians have a great day!

    Name:  lonelyocean.png
Views: 109
Size:  302.6 KB

    LVL 74/100

    Getting 5000 hour

    Achievements 69/100

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    Grow ID

    Features of world
    - Punch and zombie jammer
    - Spooky weather machine
    - Pineapple guardian
    - Parkour (difficulty: easy-medium)
    - Prologue of story written in a bulletin board beside credit board

    latest render
    Name:  hauntedterrain.png
Views: 115
Size:  907.6 KB
    ign: xindyissaqt
    level: 33 / 125

    “Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.” - Beyoncé

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    Default thejokerattacks

    Name:  thejokerattacks.png
Views: 107
Size:  259.4 KB

    this world contains:

    punch and zombie jammer.

    rainy city weather, to fit the pixel art.

    credit board at start

    multiple levels

    vip/movie area combined, a little production area ( a miniature version of the pixel art )

    prizes for first 5 to complete the parkour! (worth 1-2 wls)

    a mini quiz at the start

    signs and display block show what items that are needed in the parkour

    arrows show where to go, multiple signs has pro tips on how to complete an area

    difficulty: HARD- need pro skill

    has a story line
    the story is about how you play the joker, if you have seen the movie you will get this. Forever alone a crowd, as a failed comedian you seek connection in the streets of Gotham City. Isolated, bullied and disregarded by society, the joker (you) begins a slow descent into madness and transforms into the criminal mastermind known as the Joker. Included with this you kill batman, (even though this doesn't happen in the movie)
    i spent lots of wls and time on this world, all by my self, i hope this becomes wotd,
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    GrowID: ChandExp
    This world is about The Boss Ghost he's obtainable by Dark Spirit Board. Its a kind of special event. The friends meet with dangerous adventures. Who knows... Will they live this adventure at all? Did everyone came back?! Check it out yourself! HALLOWEEN MOTIVE!

    World Contains:
    • Punch & Zombie Jammers, Fire house!
    • 7 Adventure Items and mechanics!
    • 5 Pixel arts!
    • Weather Machine - Spooky!
    • Find the Correct Portal level!
    • Many levels!(some of them are hard a bit)
    • Credits board!
    • "Get the item and go back" mechanisms!
    • Story!

    We've perform some changes in world design and story.
    Hope we win! We want players to know about this amazing world!
    Name:  wotd proba 3.png
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Size:  268.6 KB

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    Lightbulb thechessboard by bear9

    Hey, the world has a big handmade chess board, it was super hard to make the form of it, but as you can see i did, a perfect square for chess board. It was really good idea because nobody has ever built it. A lot of natures, because i love nature! Its so nice!

    ~fun facts - the world took me 40days to build.
    The world has colorful flowers

    Story about? You came from island to secret underground world. And saw a small priest, he was sad because the crazy plants infecting his castle, you helped and broke all plants. The priest gave you 2 bags of gold.
    World has :
    P/Z jammers
    Weather machine - night
    Adventure puzzles
    Vip area
    Handmade pixelarts
    Small houses, huge tree, flowers
    and much more...
    Name:  thechessboard (4).png
Views: 110
Size:  398.8 KB
    I hope i win because the world took me 40days to build.
    Thank you!

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    Default Wotd Submission.

    World: Jumpey2
    GrowID: Fayey

    Name:  1571257957100.png
Views: 105
Size:  662.0 KB

    Are you ready for the another epic journey? This is sequel of Jumpey world. An epic adventure parkour with a storyline. in this world you need to climb the mountain. This world made by me. Use wing to get a better experience.

    -Punch and Zombie Jammer.
    -Spooky Weather.
    -Pixel art.
    -Adventure Item.
    -Credit Board.

    Thanks, Fayey.

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    Hello there! Im Eriala. I've never won a WOTD, sadly. I really hope I'll win one! Good luck to all!

    The Story :
    The story is about a woman who attacks children who trick or treat on All Hallows Eve -

    One boy was on this own when he heard a rustling in the bushes next to him. An old woman with stringy, black hair and a hideous, wrinkled face emerged from the undergrowth. The boy was startled to see she was holding a severed leg in her hands and waving it in his face. And kept asking
    "Do you want a leg?". "DO YOU WANT A LEEEEEEG?"

    The world consists of:
    - Storyline (Scary)
    - Punch and Zombie jammers / Weather machine - Spooky/Firehouse
    - Adventure items (rope, banana, key, torch) + gateway doors
    - Pixel arts (two skeletons + one skull) + credits boards
    - Medium parkour + mini maze (with letters and password door) + deathwall traps
    - Song (Military radio's)
    - 4 parts (one cave part) + different halloween decorations + halloween themed


    The latest render :
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default TINYJOURNEY for WOTD!


    In this world, you will have to face many different kind of stages like a Fire Stage, Nature Stage, Ice Stage, Door Maze Stage, and finally the Cave Stage.

    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Weather Machine - Spooky
    -Difficult from Easy - Medium
    -A chilling place where you can watch people doing the parkour
    -A VIP place ( for people who finished the parkour)
    -A Story next to the credits board

    Credits is on top of the white door

    Here is the latest render of the world:
    Name:  tinyjourney (1).png
Views: 105
Size:  607.0 KB

    Best Regards

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    Default Hi


    Once upon a day, Gaia was plant a magical tree. With livings characteristic. The tree was balanced and harmonious. But something gone wrong and the tree became imbalanced and bringing chaos to the world.

    Render :

    **World Features:**

    1.PZ Jammer, so no more punching and Zombies!!

    2.Ghost charm, no more slimed and Ghost������

    3.Background weather - The darkness, Simple and elegant also mysterious.������

    4.Story, Interesting and adventure story

    5.Difficulty : Hard

    6.Riddles, Enchant your brain to 200IQ

    7.Good design and VIP Lounge.

    8.Invisible things!, new method to build a parkour

    9.Cybots,Full of paint and Recently new update blocks!

    Okay i hope i can win thanks!!

    GROW ID : TheTwinsGTI
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    GrowID: rnox

    You're an investigator, investigating a murder case which leads you to different types of puzzles to solve.
    Name:  mysteryremains.png
Views: 111
Size:  516.0 KB

    Definition of Scopaesthesia: The psychic staring effect is a supposed phenomenon in which humans detect being stared at by extrasensory means.
    Story: You're experiencing a condition, known as scopaesthesia, as you tried to flee to everywhere trying to get help.
    Name:  scopaesthesia.png
Views: 107
Size:  424.4 KB

    Sequel to HAUNTYMAZE (Which used to be a PAC-MAN based maze, with help of ghost sharks),
    Features of this new sequel includes:
    - Mind ghost (and some normal ghost) as obstacles
    - Timer to beat the maze
    - Total darkness, vision loss
    Name:  themindmap.png
Views: 106
Size:  206.4 KB

    Something happened as you followed the diaries of an evil genius, who just brought total destruction to your universe.
    - Cybot parkours
    - Find passwords
    - Obelisks to unlock sungate
    Name:  creaturra.png
Views: 102
Size:  193.2 KB

    Christmas has arrived, again and it's time to face one of your biggest fear, to give.
    Would you be able to overcome your fear, to bring goodness to everyone?
    Or would you rather be selfish and let your fear remains fear, that will haunt you forever?
    Name:  fearofgiving.png
Views: 109
Size:  310.1 KB

    World consists of different types of mini-adventure-games:
    - Feed' em Gorillas! (Feed the gorillas before the timer stops)
    - Find the rope! (A rope is hidden in the clock tower, in order to find it you need to beat a maze)
    - Lit' the braziers up! (Grab a torch, lit the braziers and complete the mini parkour)
    - Luck-keys doors! (Use the key for good luck and beat the mystery door game)
    And more for you to discover!
    Name:  rnoxhq.png
Views: 112
Size:  966.7 KB

    Note: If anything, please DM me so that I can fix what's I'm supposed to.
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    Default I nominate HAUNTEDBASH for WOTD

    IGN: Applications

    Both P and Z Jammer
    My own custom music I made (Spooky)

    There was once a witch who lived in a mansion. Nobody knew she lived there.... so everyone tried to go in there. But they ended up dying. There was only 1 survivor that ever had survived entering there and mentions that you have to get rid of her Golden Idol power. The witch died long time ago but it still would kill anyone who enters... Are you ready to survive this haunted mansion?

    Name:  61257DF4-5189-4F58-8565-B9DEA0D0DC68.png
Views: 125
Size:  354.4 KB

    I really am hoping to win this I worked extremely hard on it and took me very long to make a spooky custom song by “Mario Party 4: Boo’s haunted bash”.

    I was also waiting to make a Halloween or holiday theme world as WOTD.
    IGN: Applications

    Lvl: 90

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    PHILIPPINESFORUS, This world has alot of station like for example "The crown" the crown symbolizes the Miss universe and the four gem stone (yellow,white,blue and red) representing the four Miss universe philippines tittles, interesting right? well thats not all, this world has alot of features to check out. As you can see, i also put unpainted signs that contains some translated tagalog words/sentence/information and some tips. And i can say that philippine flag is not only a flag with three star and a sun? well if you want to know them and the philippines this is the world you're looking for, feel free to visit and check this world because PHILIPPINESFORUS. Enjoy


    World Render:
    Name:  philippinesforus (2).png
Views: 157
Size:  381.7 KB

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    Wotd Nomination!
    a nuclear disaster just happened in the small town the impact was so strong it made most stuff very mossy and dirty but worse of all there's high radiation and acid all over the town your mission is to see if anyone is alive ! What are you waiting for? GO!

    *Additional information*
    Jammers - Punch and Zombie
    Antigravity- turned off
    Ghost charm - so ghost won't annoy during parkour
    Weather machine - arid
    Adventure - Key
    Adventure - Rope
    Adventure door
    Sun gate
    7 Obelisks

    *Help and more info*
    World designed by me (PureMonster)
    Help by puresadness
    support by unbothored and iigopro
    World is not copied in any way all was made by imagination and Inspiration
    Idea came from the Chernobyl accident from a long time ago

    World name - Nucleardisaster
    Owner - PureMonster
    Admins - puresadness
    Parkour level - medium-Hard

    Name:  nucleardisaster-1.png
Views: 143
Size:  334.9 KB
    Hope I win my first WOTD!

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    Default Try my world please

    Name:  247B1A72-A417-4278-9DCF-A16DF87DD2CC.png
Views: 160
Size:  1,007.3 KB
    IGN: QueenPeafowl
    World: CAHZN

    This is Growtopia’s first world that offers information about store packs. Each section is builded mainly on specific packs. The world has fun challenges which you can do with your friends unlike other WOTDs which is just parkour, you can do so much things here with your friends. Test it out!


    Needed Jammers
    Weather Machines - Night
    Obelisk challenge
    3 Supreme Challenge ( 3 quests )
    Credit board
    Race Maze

    World possibilities:
    You can role play in this world with friends at the various sections such as the school pack section. You can race with friends. You can challenge players in parkour.

    Please consider, thank you!



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