When Growtopia first started, all items were obtainable and not limited. That was until 2014 when the first limited item was announced, Phoenix Wings.
We have come a long way from then....
For a while, the Reindeer Bell was limited
Other phoenix items were introduced
IOTMs were introduced
Heck, even "glitch" items were introduced (Like comet cloth seeds);Removed items are also limited.

I may of missed some, it really doesn't matter, my point is there are probably over 80 limited items in the game (Most of them being glitch seeds and IOTMs).

With all these limited items...its really took away some of the coolness of normal items and even the coolness of limited items(in my opinion). For example, Golden Razor Wings. Those are a limited item, yet its 11 wls and there is barely any demand for it.

Limited items still are cool though.

Idk the point of this thread, its mostly to just bring awareness of some things that can maybe become issues or whatever. Leave your thoughts on the title's question below!