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Thread: I’m officially quitting. This is my goodbye post. Thank you for everything.

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    Default I’m officially quitting. This is my goodbye post. Thank you for everything.

    hey. Aztrosist, Emeraldgemz, Doomfarmer, AAPL, or as some of you knew me, Runefolk here.

    I remember the first time I played this game, back in late 2013, when I used this game as an escape. I wasn’t the same person that I am today. I inflicted pain on a lot of people. Emphasis on a lot of people. Since this is my last post, I’ll be shedding light on the things I did. Hopefully, some of you won’t take the same route. Take my words to heart. Old, new, somewhere in between: there is a deep lesson to be learned from my story.

    The first time I scammed somebody was late 2014. I ended a good friendship over wanting a red dragon. A freaking red dragon- ridiculous, right? Anyways, it just got worse from that point on. I became addicted to scamming- not the feeling of accomplishment from obtaining the item, but because I used it as an escape. I wanted somebody to feel the pain i felt inside, and instead of dealing with my problems in real life, I decided to inflict pain on others. And I did. I think in total, I scammed over 30,000 world locks from 2014-2016 from various people. Some of you may be wondering- Do I regret the things I did? Yes. Yes, I do.

    I knew exactly what I was doing to my friends when I scammed them, who were no doubt going through the same issues I was going through in real life, or in some cases even worse- and I manipulated them for self gain. My actions were disgusting. It reached a point where I actually lost my best friend- my real life best friend- over a scamming situation in this game. For those of you who are thinking about scamming one or your friends- or maybe already have- Stop. Right now. Seriously.
    The emotional anguish you will put that person through is indescribable. It isn’t the loss of an item that hurts them the most- it’s the act of betrayal. That human being trusted you- a complete stranger- with something they worked hard for. And yes, it is just pixels, but once somebody invests hours upon hours of time and energy into obtaining that item, and in a split second that work disappears- I would argue that person is forever changed. You just caused that human being, that thirteen year old kid- to develop trust issues. Instead of opening up easier to new people, they see everyone as an enemy. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum- scammed and scammer. When I say that scamming does emotional damage. It does. I’m going to assume that all of you have been through some form of betrayal. A secret revealed by a close friend, or somebody generally just breaking your trust or their promise that they made you. When you scam somebody, that’s exactly how they feel. You may think it’s just an item, it’s just pixels, why should they care that much about pixels. Let me propose a question to the potential scammer reading this. If it’s just a meaningless pixel, then why are you going out of your way to steal it. I’ve used every excuse in the book to justify my actions to myself. But all of them were just trying to cover up my own guilt. There is no excuse to hurt another human being like that.

    To the countless people I’ve scammed, more specifically the bigger ones, like CruelWolf, of whom I scammed over 150 diamond locks from, no words or actions can fix the emotional damage I did to all of you. But know this- I am sorry. If I could go back and change my actions, I absolutely would in a heartbeat. But I can’t. Once you pick up that item, there is no going back. You have to face the music, one day or another. And yes, to those of you pondering if I have- I did, and that’s the reason I’m making this post. I’ve donated almost all of my wealth to my current best friend in the game, and I’ll be giving away the rest of my nonessentials to some random lucky people that I think deserve it.

    To all of my friends, enemies, neutrals, or randoms reading this post- maybe you already knew this information about me. Maybe you didn’t, and your suspicions are now confirmed- I don’t really care. I hope my message sticks. Be an honest human being. Working for your items gives you a sense of accomplishment that scamming never could. Be humble. And most of all, think twice before you do something stupid. It will come back to haunt you later. There is no escape from karma. You can stop the cycle. You have a choice. Make the right one. Don’t be like me.

    That’s my story, folks. That’s what actually happened during my 6 1/2 years of playing this game. Heed my warning, please. I know some of you are considering doing something stupid even after reading this post. As I said before, don’t do it.

    For my old friends reading this post who I didn’t happen to backstab- thank you for being there. Thank you for dealing with my truckload of garbage. Thank you for dealing with my stupidity. Thank you for the memories. I won’t forget the endlessly ridiculous conversations I had with some of you, and the even stupider things we use to gossip about. Thank you for the discord calls, the entertainment distracting me from the discourse that use to be my real life, and thank you for making me smile.

    For the devs reading this post, thank you for maintaining this awesome game. It pushed me through times I didn’t think I could ever overcome- yet here I am. This game shaped who I am, for good or for bad. Mainly good- I could of never became the person I am today without your game. I never could have learned the lessons I did without your platform. I did horrible things- yes, to that I acknowledge. But I did a whole lot of good on it too, and as much as I’de like to talk about the good I did on this platform- those moments are personal to me. Please Continue building this platform, and a slight suggestion to deter scamming- maybe teeter more towards the emotional side of it to discourage others from the action of stealing. I didn’t know the extent of what I was doing until long after it actually happened. Us kids- we’re plagued with ignorance. Be a guiding light for those who have none to follow.

    I cannot put into words how big of an impact this game has had on my life. Play safely, Play smart, don’t be stupid, and seriously- treasure the insignificant moments. Those will be the ones you remember. Not the items you earned. I still have so much to learn in this life, but I’ve learned all I can from this phase.

    For the last time, this is Aztrosist, officially signing off.
    thank you for everything.

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    Default ok

    i have a donation box set up at MYR


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    All those 13 year old kids that were scammed have for sure learned a real lesson in real-life.

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    Oh my god.. The amount of realism in this post.. just amazes me. I'll admit as well, I sorta scammed as well when starting 2016. Sometimes, I thought to myself that it was the only way to progress and that the game itself was a scam simulator. As much as I want some of the items you were willing to donate, I have to refuse. You scammed those items, they don't belong to you. I think you lock up the items in a specific world instead since it feels wrong to just give a random player a whole bunch of items from the ones that worked hard in which you took away from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warcus View Post
    i have a donation box set up at MYR

    Thats quite greedy of you
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    Good luck with your future endeavors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warcus View Post
    i have a donation box set up at MYR

    Really? I feel so sorry for the OP. Literally the first reply was about donating??
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    Thank you for sharing this. There is no doubt that your thread will remind a lot of people to think about their actions and how it can affect others. Inflicting your own pain onto people is never okay. This is the same for the real world, as well as the virtual world or media world. Hurt people hurt people. They may feel satisfied by doing so, but the satisfaction is short lived, as they’re still being consumed by hate.

    It’s true that one of the most common excuses people make when scamming others is that they’re “just” pixels. However, they’re not “just” feelings. Unlike pixels, feelings are so real.

    You should be proud of yourself. Yes, you’ve made mistakes in the past, but you owned up to them and were able to learn from them. I can tell that you aren’t the person you were in the past. You have grown as a person. That’s honestly all the universe could ever want.
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    believe me you won't quit

    It's impossible

    you cannot break the contract you have signed with satan to sacrifice your self being for playing GT

    your inhuman self shall forever be chained down by the unbreakable GT bond

    now time shall collapse

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    ...Why bro? Drop stuff in Deerttopro please, thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by Axzyte View Post
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