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Thread: Why are Ubi spreading false info?

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    Default Why are Ubi spreading false info?

    Nekorei you said updates every 2 months yet , Where is the update no update??? Then our new console community manager says this
    Quote Originally Posted by Baskerville
    As for the current plan, the first update on consoles will arrive in a couple of months, but the annual events will already kick in very soon starting with Harvest in September!

    Like why is it so hard to get an update out? this is why console is gonna die. Lack of updates.
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    console have new community managers now so bare with
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    Hi there. I'm a new CM for console, my colleague is a Community Product Manager, as was clearly stated in the introduction post here. Also, you didn't quite pay attention to the topic you quoted, in which it was clearly said that "we must follow certain external constraints that won’t allow us to release new content as frequent as we would like to, however, we’ve been working extensively on tightening the gap as much as we can, and we will for certain try to make new content available to all of you more frequently".

    So Ubi didn't spread any false info, we were quite straightforward right away, please read all the announcements carefully from now on and kindly support us in our work. Thank you



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