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Thread: Unbalanced New Blocks drop rate since 2018..

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    Default Unbalanced New Blocks drop rate since 2018..

    To be honest, sometimes i feel like developers making these new items for only support specialist that can spawn any item to their inventory.

    Another unbalanced blocks are Seasonal Clash Blocks, Few months ago i suggested something about this and finally @Nekorei put my suggestion into the 'Community Suggestion'. It was Seasonal Blocks Pack. Also yes i know this: 'Even if your submission made it to Community Suggestion, it does not mean it will be implemented. But this suggestion was very important because of current amount of event. Like Currently There is 3 Summer event, 3 Spring per year... But the problem is that even we have 12 same event for 3months(last year) These blocks was super rare and expensive. Image current price and how rare is this..

    How to fix this problem?
    Solution 0: This for Dark castle Block, just increase amount of block to 35 blocks per reward. Because Wolf Whistle is 10-15wls and you get only 1 reward per whistle.
    Solution 1: Make a pack for Summer Event that include Every single Summer Clash item, This pack going to be 2500 gems and you will get 5 Different Summer Clash Blocks(Here) and this will depends on the rng like other event packs.
    Solution 2: Make pack for Summer Event that include every single Summer Clash item, But this pack will be 10.000 gems and you can get everysingle Clash Blocks from this pack(there is 24 Different Block)

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    Also with this pack, I'm sure that atleast someone would spend realy money on the gems pack. What do you think guys?
    ANOTHER Problem about blocks:

    New Update's blocks price since 2018

    Tournament Blocks

    B.O.O Update Blocks

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also I'm waiting since PAW 2019 for making this thread Because i think like, 'Probably they will put this pack into the store in only event days'.. But sadly there is no any pack and There is thousands of example about unbalanced new blocks...
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