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Thread: Turning My Public Accountability Setting to 0

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    Default Turning My Public Accountability Setting to 0

    Hey, acquaintances. I get it — the title is a bit trite, and “Oh, you mean it was not already zero?” That is a completely rational presupposition, but it is still only a paltry presupposition without the larger context.

    Throughout the years, I have endured through a excruciatingly painstaking task, a cross I bore for the myriads of users that could not bear the crushing weight themselves. Perhaps I martyred myself only to uncover a death of accolade, but even if such is true, this is something that absolutely must be understood by the masses, today, as I embark on my own odyssey toward true enlightenment, the next phase of my life: I am no longer that martyr.

    For too long have I not been able to seek solace through pity, never disclosing my woes for fear of premature judgement at the hands of those I serve. I abstracted my true emotions and carried on as to not permit such a disappointed perception ever flicker in thought — not even an for an ephemeral moment — parasitically nest and plant seeds of doubt in the minds of the good people.

    But I am lesser a god. I am not the one I aspire to be. I am just me; that is all, and that is all that ever will be. I reached this epiphany partly due to the shifting culture that allowed me to extricate myself from this burden.

    That being said, as bluntly stated in the title, I will be turning my public accountability setting on the forums to the lowest setting: zero.

    Thank you for your cooperation, everyone.
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    I would start running.


    now just hold your horses there
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    What happen if you do that tho?
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    Default Dragon Speaking...

    Language is very complicated.

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    Your English itself is...divine.
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    I have read through Ubisoft's ToS and EULA, feel free to ask any questions!



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