Hi all,

As stated before, whenever you feel that your ban is unjust, we are happy to investigate your case again.

If you are convinced that you have been suspended without a reason, or suspended although the punishment should have been lighter, in your opinion, we need you to appeal, only then we are able to investigate your case once again. However, we are not going to change our infringement rules anytime soon, and we are not going to discuss any bans with you, but we want to make sure that our rules are enforced appropriately. This goes both ways — we expect you to agree on and respect the rules, i.e. The Growtopian Code, while you can expect that those rules are enforced as they are presented to you, only if you have infringed them.

You have to play fair, while we have to act just.

As this discussion has become an argument about the thread owner's ban and whether it was unjust, I am closing this thread. As per our rules we are asking everyone to keep their conversation with Support private.