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Thread: Need help with harvest fest 2019...

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    Default Need help with harvest fest 2019...

    What are the items i can make in an ez cook oven to earn profit? I currently have 20+ balance mooncakes and 30+ ancestor mooncakes and a crap ton of other mooncakes. Should i just keep them and sell them after the event? Thank you in advance

    Follow up question: Should i spend all my gems on harvest packs? I have 200k gems and dont know how to spend them wisely

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    if you need the wls, sell the balances, but if you don't, just keep them and sell later.
    to get the maximum gem exchange rate, wait for the next clash, but pristine tools day one and sell them 2/7 (most work, do confirm before you buy), or buy treasure world blasts and selll them for 7 wls but make sure you have buyers firsrt.
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