You see, due to the new guild events, maxing out without spending wls on some events is legit possible. But whats the deal? Isn't it too time consuming and auto bots are ruining it all, so heres a good idea.

For every event a person max out, there will be a additional 5% on top of the base points added to the future events. Meaning after 20 events(Which is one and a quarter year, each points earn is essentially doubled. If 5% is too much, 2.5% works too. But too me 5% is like an okay number since one has to max 20 events).

Auto Botters? They are horrible. A ban isn't enough.(Idk if its suspension cause duh, never did it) For every ban, the person would have a point decreased in percentage.(Its brief since I'm 80% sure its suspension).

Thank you for reading do consider this suggestion