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    Hey, not sure if it's intended or a bug. Couldn't find it anywhere, but there's proof in the world MRJAZZPANDA (Top left, Growscanner)
    I've dropped over 7000lb gar onto one tile chest and its still not maxed but if i drop sandshark it maxes at 3000 or so lb. But even when its max i can sometimes come back and drop more onto the blocks and it wont ever max out.

    Also i dont think its max because i dropped a lot of gar into one spot for it not to be maxed

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    I think its about the number of fish you drop? Not sure though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedaki View Post
    I think its about the number of fish you drop? Not sure though.
    I thought that to, not 100% sure but i dropped gar from 3 worlds worth.
    Pretty sure i dropped more than 40-80

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    I had 12k weird manta lb dropped all in one spot once.
    I believe it happens if the fish is below 100lb, otherwise it will fill up the spot.



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