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Thread: We are on the losing team.

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    Default We are on the losing team.

    Let me tell you something. Before i left (months ago) i confessed by sins to this forum. To compensate for them, i would like to give you an insight on hackers. And let me say, it is not looking good. First of all, ban avoiding takes 30 seconds. Look it up, it actually does. Granted, you can’t actually unban your account, but the accounts that get banned are alts anyway. There are god hacks, noclip is getting better everyday, its just getting worse. No matter how many people ubisoft put to punish scammers and hackers and to patch the holes, there are thousands of people poking the hole to find holes. And the game is OLD. Real old. Therefore contains a lot of holes.

    I can read your reply saying “So, what should they do? As you yourself said, it wont matter how many people they put.” And I have one simple thing to say. Listening to suggestions. Now I don’t think our voice isn’t heard at all. However, a little more prioritization would help both ubisoft and to the game considerably. If you start listening to people, it will be thousands of hackers vs tens of thousands of people who try to help the game. I have even seen people who suggest a feature and show how it’s coded as well! It doesn’t get any better than that. Ubisoft either needs to listen to EVERYONE, or growtopia is doomed to be overrun by hackers.
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