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Thread: New adventure items

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    Default New adventure items

    Is anyone else bugged by the amount and variety (or lack thereof) of adventure items we currently have? 'cause I am.
    Here's a few new adventure items I want added:

    Rock/stone: Can't jump while holding it.
    Balloon: Jumps have infinite height and only stop when you hit something (or enter a door/portal).
    Crowbar/hammer and a new fragile block: Will break (open) the first fragile block you touch while holding it, this will consume the item.
    Poison: Will kill the player after a few seconds if not removed (10?). This will consume the item. Might be a good idea to add a block that removes this... Although a tomb robber would do the job just fine, but that's costly.
    Sword/knife: Can permanently remove a gorilla or tomb robber when clicking on either one. Will consume the item.

    Letter codes:
    Stone = S
    Balloon = uhh... I have no idea. This item isn't very useful though, might aswell not do it if a name isn't found.
    Hammer = H?
    Poison -> Fire = F? This would be very similiar to torch though, maybe make it green fire?
    Knife -> Dagger = D?

    Let me know what you think and if you'd like more items added to the list.

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