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It sounds like you don't like the mechanic of the magplant and are biased against BFG farmers.

If you think BFG farmers should monitor thier world then you think anybody with a popular world should be responsible for monitoring thier worlds also. You would also think a world like "seeds" or any "buy" world's should also be nuked because they allow spam bots to advertise csn and are not present to ban those players constantly.

It's essentially punishment of a world owner for the actions of another player in thier world.
That was what i was thinking at first, but then i realized that buy worlds don't ruin economy as much (ot at all) as bfg does. So they doesn't put others work to them (mean these spambots) and then get wls from it. So spammers are bad for those owners, but autofarmers would be super good for bfg owners. If ubisoft would allow bfg owners allow auto, then all bfg owners would love to get autos, cause that means faster profit for them (and yes, gt players are mostly greedy and they doesn't care how much bad things their profiting could cause for whole gt) Does spammer give faster profit for buy world owner? No. Spammers causes that ppl doesn't want go in their worlds, so spammers can ruin their business.

So, what i mean is, bfg ruined growtopia economy and yes, we shouldn't support that. It is good in small cases (newbies gets gems without farmables) but 140 farms is just way too much. He ruin economy like crazy every day. He products one full farm of seeds each day and then we cry, why seed price drop. fp. What happens when highest rarity farmable is 200/1? How ppl earn then? I try think how todays actions affect to our future. And cause Ubisoft doesn't want kill game, they need think this too. We can't be just selfish and think only our own ass.