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Thread: the 3d/14d subscription problem

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    Default the 3d/14d subscription problem

    So I am currently in desperate need of growtokens. I searched on how you can get them, and I saw this thing that you can watch 100 ads for a growtoken and some token. Well that is perfect to me, so I installed growtopia on my phone. Well now the problem thing, there is like a 10% chance that you will be able to watch the ads. I tried everything to fix this, but I just have to spam the button / restart the game to get the ads working. Like seriously, why is it so hard to literally watch advertisements

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    They're trying to save you from the torture
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedaki View Post
    They're trying to save you from the torture
    I don't think that they are trying to save me, considering tapjoy works perfectly.

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    Since Ubisoft has tons of data of you already (a lot more than you might think they do)
    they will show you ads based on your data. If there are no ads available that might be relevant to you, they won’t show you other ads or repeat the same ad multiple times.
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