Just to clarify - what I am about to say is not associate with Growtopia AT ALL. The point of this post is to get myself as much opinions as possible about the situation that I'm having.

Moving to another high school would be a tough period for many people! Teachers are new, children are different and everything seems unusual. Luckily, not for me. I have adjusted just dandy and it is all going smooth. Kids in the school I have preferred are awesome, they have same interests as I do and that really boosts my motivation to do anything from studying to socializing more and more! It is honestly the best!
In my class there are only 18 kids. 13 girls and 5 boys. Now, that one girl fell right into my eye and I cannot avoid looking at her. If you ask my "why" I wouldn't be as to answer you! When I think about it, I don't find her look that attractive, nor her personality, but there must be something.
Anyhow, what really made me excited when I was searching on the internet "Signs that she might like you" is that she was looking at me when I was not looking at her. The moment I read that I felt so good! I started questioning myself a load of random questions. I didn't talk to my friends about it at all because I don't want them involved in anything.

Now that we figured out that I kind of like her I am asking you people: what to do next? How to approach her without being "cringey"? Would it be bad if I just popped out of nowhere and ask her out on a coffee or something? (Note that we have never talked alone about anything.)

Thank you a lot for reading this all!