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Thread: How I earned 80 wls in 15 mins....

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    i legit spying a scammer today lmao

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    There are tons of these baiters like this who bait you with like 1 wl and ask you to go to their (drop game) world.

    They go for low level players with rare items from what I can tell, as when I use to have g angels on my acc (lvl 27) in worlds like buyrayman there was always someone who tried to bait me with wls, not that I’m complaining since it’s free.

    But the problem comes when you realise the amount of fools that fall for this. I’ve seen once this dude got baited so hard he actually trusted him and dropped a riding phoenix. The scammer pushed it even further and asked the dude to drop everything he had and even if everyone in the world was screaming at him not to do it he did and lost everything. It’s a really scummy scam.

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    His friend that u told him "let me win" could've used a psychotic bunny on you , or give a signal to the owner(his friend) to ban you once he enters, this is done by going to a world, setting up a door to the drop game world and writing /ban abc and entering to the door and boom, or ultimately, if you had a friend staying near you(to protect you from possible bunny or ban) they could ve address changed and boom, rip wls. Never ever play that kind of drop games, they will try to get your trust by giving you wls even dls. Just dont, too dangerous.

    Additionally Psychotic bunny range is 3x3, with diamond devil horns its 5x5. Just a reminder.

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    Time to use up all my wls on my set then roam around

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