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Thread: Living with OCD, Depression, and Anxiety.

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    My day always brightens when I play Growtopia, talk to nice strangers/friends.
    But who am I to say? I don't have depression.
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    Consult a counselor you must.
    Anxiety can cause a fatal strike to your mental health.
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    Perhaps a counselor or a therapist may help.

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    I just want to clear up all form of misconception about mental health as best as I can.

    Being anxious is normal, having a depressed mood is normal and little bit of compulsivity is okay too (even anxiety attacks to some extent is normal too). And it is okay to have those when they are 'situational', meaning you have a reason to have them, may it be family issues, stress, hormonal changes as a growing teen or habits that can act as trigger. So when are they considered disorders? (Or illnesses) Well, that's when the professionals come in.

    You see, the signs for having these 'disorders' are very easy to perceive but are extremely difficult to classify and describe. The signs for clinical depression, anxiety disorders and OCD that you read about from the internet are just the SIMPLIFIED versions of them to raise awareness and NOT to serve as DIAGNOSIS.

    Clinical depression and Anxiety disorders are big umbrella terms which can be classified to more specific and complex diagnosis. Depression can be major depressive, psychotic, post partum, premenstrual, a stage of bipolar disorder (the other being manic) and et cetera. While, OCD falls under anxiety disorders. They all have their own complicated descriptions of their signs, all of which you can read about from DSM-5 (it's a book).

    Now, who do I go to when I think that I have them? Well, first of all, medical protocols vary a little bit per country but the general practice is to initially consult a family doctor (primary care). The doctor will then rule out every possible causes and even prescribe basic antidepressants (mostly sedatives) because the typical depressed mood can also impede functional capabilities. The doctor is also responsible of referring you for psychotherapy to a counselor/psychologist or to a psychiatrist (who is a doctor with expertise on the field) for further assessment and diagnosis. That's why you do indeed need medical professionals to check you and help you.

    What I said here is the simplest explanation that I can give, sorry if it's too short or too brief. Take it from someone who took up units in clinical psychology, psychiatry and pharmacology when I was in college.

    I am not trying to disprove anyone. Instead, I just want to impart a little bit of education. The problem here is the internet, which is a double edged sword when it comes to advocating mental health awareness. Positively, some will state that these disorders are actually medical and are not just mind issues. Though, also, it can make some people falsely believe that they do have them when it fact, there is a lot more to consider.

    TLDR: you actually need doctors for these things.

    P.S. I am open to questions and will try to answer them if I can.
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    Happened to me once in a while. Remembering about my past and really make me feel guilty for doing stupid thing. I always pity myself for being weak. I cry a lot even by myself, just getting scold by my parents also made me cry. Sometime random thought just went thru my head like how my brother have his own phone and motorbike when i dont, he has more allowance etc... When that happened i always cry myself to sleep. But as time go by, i start thinking of the reasons. Since i was a child, im really weak, I has asthma, i went to hospital at least once a week, i touble my parents a lot, they didn't get enough sleep... so they just dont want me to eat random food, they worry about my safety.

    Now as i grew up, my health got better, no sign of asthma for a long time. They start giving me more allowance and more freedom. But since i dont go out much before, im still shy and not confident enough. Most of the time i prefer to be indoor, or u can say introvert. But i still have a few close friends that i always talk too and hang out with. I just dont like taking to stranger.

    But im sure your case is more serious and like other said, u need doctor. But in my case, it get better overtime.

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