So, few days ago i saw posts in ig where again bfg owner got perma banned and he said it was unfair. Well, this time, this banned dude contacted me and i asked some questions. I wanted know what could cause his ban, and yea, it was his fault, he didn't get "unfair ban".

But.. there is huge problem: He doesn't use forums! He didn't know that it is his job to ban auto farmers. So.. What can we do? We need way to inform ppl inside the game about new rules. Idk how, maybe add new rules first in gazette for 1 month or something like that. Or maybe even make some mail box inside the game, where staff can info players about huge stuff like rule changes etc. All kids doesn't use twitter, ig, fb or forums, so there is still players who assume that they can let auto farmers farm in their bfg and just report them so mod will come and ban them.

Also ppl think that if they allow autofarmers farm in their bfg, they will first get warning and 30 days nuke. So this rule is too confusing. Devs should tell to players that if they allow auto, then owner get suspended. We can't assume that example all 10-16yo can understand this rule completely, if they haven't seen any of this discussion what we have seen in here. If they saw only this:

1st - Warning (we will inform the world owner that we caught autofarmers in their world so they are aware)
2nd - 30 days ban (for the world only)
3rd - 60 days ban (for the world only)
4th - Permanent suspension for the world (meaning the world will be closed down)

How they would know that reality is, if you allow auto, no warnings just suspension and that's it. Add this in rules: If you allow autofarming in your bfg=suspension, no warnings.

Then ppl maybe finally understand that they actually need try fight against autofarmers.

So, does someone else have any good suggestion, how to share info inside the game? I don't know what to suggest, i just know that we need some new way to do this.

Ps. There should (again) be just long ban, not permanent ban in cases like this. This bfg owner didn't know or didn't understand rules and now he lost his whole acc and can't play gt ever again, just cause he doesn't read forums. That is too harsh. Why not give in cases like this, just 180 days ban? 180 days feels eternity but will end some day, so these kids would next time think twice will they allow autofarmers in their worlds and i'm sure he would after this, read little more forums. He made mistake and now he lost everything. (best part is: he actually gave acc to his friend and went offline and his friend is the one who allowed auto farming while owner was offline, so he is not even the one who actually allowed auto)