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Thread: MagPlants/Rayman/OP ITOM need to be Harder to Obtain

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    Default MagPlants/Rayman/OP ITOM need to be Harder to Obtain


    With the addition of magplants and overpowered farming items the bottom line is affected.

    MagPlants/Rayman/OP ITOM need to be Harder to Obtain, yeah you read that right..

    You might be thinking “BUT WHY?!” A very simple answer to this can be provided, New Players.

    You might be thinking “If a new player can’t obtain it how does it help them?” If magplants or raymans fists were harder to obtain farmable prices would be MUCH higher, meaning that new players who were just staring out could gain MUCH MORE PROFIT. The economy would not be so skewed toward the rich since new players could still profit legitimately without these items. EG right now pepper seeds are a whopping 70/1, from a Magplant farm of 2500 seeds A 200 Seed profit is gained That’s 3Wls. A newbie without a mag plant would be about 50kGems and 3wls Seed profit. That’s only let me emphasize 30Wls for 3+Hours of work, Sure mag plant and the Uber rich would profit more, but new players would also benefit SIGNIFICANTLY. Also you might say that

    “A newbie does not have a full farm of Pepper Dunce...”

    Sure fine a newbie has 200 Pepper seeds, that’s about 5kGems per farm and about 30Seed profit, about 2Wls for about 30Minuets of breaking, that’s absurd, That’s less than 1Wl for 10Minuets...
    By increasing rarity or difficulty of obtaining these completely broken items the farmable prices will inevitably rise, Resulting in the poor noob getting more profit and progressing faster, allowing them to have more fun in this game. “But What about Grass/Windows”
    This is a legitimate argument against this since grass and windows are easily farmable “Newbie” Farmables BUT, these farmable require IMMENSE work and are only used at the very beginner level, EG people who ascend to middle class now have the absurd work layed out infront of them of farming 2500 Pepper seeds... Now that’s 3+Hours to break that 9k Peppers for 30Wls profit... Now let’s say that pepper tree seeds were 25/1 Instead of 70/1... Yes pepper farms would be significantly more expensive BUT, the newbie would profit 1More wl, the Middle class would profit 5More wls, this may not seem like a lot but the difference is SIGNIFICANT!

    “What about Free Bfg?” Ahh yes the free bfg, Easilly accessible by new players and middle class alike, and the hub for auto farmers. Don’t get me wrong free BFG is a great addition but it’s effects on a new player are only temporary, once people move onto their own farmable these “Middle Class” will have barley any profit from farming their own materials...

    “If they are made harder to obtain, why should we let the mega rich have all the fun?”
    With this logic you are part of the problem... if EVERYONE had a magplant Bfg would Acctually not exist why? Since people will not break in any big Unless it were Chand, Lgrid, Or MBELL since the competition for breakers would be fierce... In fact! People might start paying people to break in a BFG. And guess what farmable prices would drop so significantly that pepper tree seeds would be around 100-200/1 Chand would Be 50-70/1 For seeds And Lgrid/MBell would be around 40-70/1 For seeds... EG the new player would have a nightmare of a time actually starting the game or getting anywhere! Since everyone has a magplant(s) gaining any traction or interest in the game would be impossible! Sure the very “Beginning” Of the game might be easier, but overcoming that “Hump” From middle class to rich would be Nearly Impossible... since farmable prices would be completely Skewed, Nobody would actually break in your bfg, and you would end up having to break the farmable yourself in the end...

    TLDR:If Overpowered Farming Items were made harder to obtain then the bottom line would have an easier time making profit and having fun...

    Magplants and these items Could be made harder to obtain from something like a legendary quest or something else... Or simply being surgically bought out by mods or devs...
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