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Thread: Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (October - December Cycle)

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    Lightbulb A Look Back At Life (Growtopia Short Film)

    Sometimes you look at life differently when remembering someone who's long gone or if someone has recently passed. You become aware of your own mortality and realize life can end just like that. At the same time however one should be grateful to be alive because we should enjoy our time here as well as possible.

    Anyway, Happy New Year 2020 hopefully, we could be a better person this year

    Good Luck to everyone and, Thanks!

    GrowID : SuperyoW
    Channel : Rio Ihsan

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    Default The Answers! ( Short Animation Film ) | Growtopia

    GrowID: VendProfits
    Video title: The Answer!

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    Default Growtopia Golden Anniversary


    As time passes by
    We age so fast
    Friends keep disappearing
    For somehow, I am crying

    Growtopia is not only a game
    It gives people such a fame
    It sets us a higher aim
    Without any shame

    For those people, I met
    I wish you all the best
    You were my vest
    and I was your nest

    As I end this poem
    Thank you, Ancient Rome
    For making Growtopia
    To become an Arcadia
    Please click



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