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Thread: Nominate Youtube Videos for Growies (October - December Cycle)

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    Grow ID: GosipGT
    Youtube Channel : Gosip GT
    Link :

    do not like to underestimate the weak, because he just hid it.

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    Post Growtopia | Fighting Animation

    Growtopia Fighting Animation
    Just published my first animation -
    The story is about a "noob" finding "The Evil Eye" to avenge the loved ones that he lost.
    Hope you enjoy!!

    GrowID : ToxicDino
    Video Title : Growtopia | The Eye | Fighting Animation
    Video Link :

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    Lesser Wizard
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    Feb 2017

    Default The Barber ( Animation ) | Growtopia

    Video title: The Barber!
    GrowID: VendProfits

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    Lesser Knight GamersMINI's Avatar
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    Growtopia Planet

    Post Growtopia Halloween Item Recipes

    Video Title : Growtopia Halloween Item Recipes
    GrowID : GamersMINI
    Video Link :

    I hope this video are helpful for all growtopian #Halloween

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    Default How many WLS exist in Growtopia? - VOTW nomination

    Hi there!

    My IGN and Youtube Channel is Agent26. I'd like to nominate my video "How many WLS exist in Growtopia?" for VOTW.

    Have you ever wondered how many world locks exist in Growtopia? Well, this is a funny animation about trying different methods to solve the mystery. The video is riddled with jokes, hope you have a good laugh!

    I would really appreciate if you could consider it for VOTW! I've put a lot of effort into making this video, so I really hope you enjoy it. Thank you very much!

    Yours sincerely,

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    Default HOPE YOU ENJOY! <3

    Worked really hard, hope I win

    Username: HowDoIPlayGT
    Goals Before I Quit!

    100,000 ATMS (0/100,000 owned)
    1,000,000,000 gems (370,523/1,000,000,000 owned)
    Richest player (230 dls/18,000 dls)

    IGN: HowDoIPlayGT

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    Default Growtopia - "That's my dirt"

    Growid: Silvanne

    This video is about two growtopian that is fighting for a single dirt! Im looking forward on improving my animating skills once i got a chance!
    Hopefully you all like it! We've been working hard for this!

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    Default Growtopia - "We love GT"

    Growid: Silvanne

    Showing some appreciation to the growtopia community!
    This is a music video that represents the players of growtopia!

    After so many weeks its finally done hope you all like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimIzPro View Post

    IGN: JimIzPro
    Still deserving

    RISK - A Love Story | The Ruined (Growtopia Film)

    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
    - Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Talking Growtopia - Halloween Fight (Growtopia Animation)

    Dear nekorei and everyone , this is my animation which is about the fight in the halloween event and i hope you like this one.

    Time Spent : 15 hours ( Without Breaks )
    IGN : PhouGT

    Take your popcorn and enjoy the show
    HERE IT IS :

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    Hi Guys I'm make new video for Halloween and IOTM videos
    Item name : Cursed Spirit Pendant


    GROWID: EAwizrd

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    Thumbs up Growtopia animation "ROLE'S MASTER"

    Hi guys my name is Givors
    I want to make a Growtopia animation.

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