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Thread: Should Gross Out items be re-added

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    Default Should Gross Out items be re-added


    I normally wouldn't make this thread, but this is like...the second or third time the Administrator said they will be "thinking" about adding the removed Gross-Out items. With that said, as they continue to think, I want to have a poll of whether or not you want them added back.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ayame View Post
    Hi, thanks for the feedback and the interest, we're definitely happy to hear the opinion of the community regarding game items. We cannot confirm if they are going to be added back but we'll inform you in time if any changes are made

    I am honestly split in a moral dilemma with me wanting to buy the rare item and keeping them rare/unobtainable and also me just wanting them to be obtainable because I'm a poor boi and can't afford the removed Gross Out items.

    On another note, your vote/choice should be solely based on what you want. For example, no saying "I choose no cause other people said they are Gross".

    Personally, I feel like if over 75% of the people here vote "Yes", the Administrators should post another Growtopia poll about the Gross Out items. I also want them to release the results(percent) they got from the poll(both the first one and the one I'm suggesting they add again).
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    I don't think theres any point in not adding atleast some of the items removed back. There are some grosser items that were not removed.
    Ridin' Roach, Fleshy Teeth & Fleshy Wall and Giant Eye Head do not even look gross to me personally.
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