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Thread: Additional Option for Door IDs

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    Post Additional Option for Door IDs

    The ID of any door in GT is essentially the password to get into said door. I'm a streamer and I've been streaming GT for about 17 months now. When I go to make a door for a prize room, I always have to hide my screen when I type the ID of a door. You may think "well duh Winter, people would just enter from another world if you didn't hide your screen", but that's the issue. It would be real nice if there was an option "Accessible from other worlds" in the door settings. Not only will it not matter if you show the door ID or it unintentionally getting leaked, but it would also be super convenient. Remember when the door IDs for the Carnival were leaked a few years back and people were doing their quests illegally? This idea will prevent that. I know this probably wouldn't even be a widely used setting, but it's always nice to have more customization. It also introduces more creative ways to play the game. Let me know what you think

    There would also be more ways to profit if you start to get really creative with it.
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    This idea sounds good, how come nobody is bumping this? +1
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    Good idea.



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