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    This is just my suggestion***


    (TO GET)
    Drop rarity 90+

    You can use two hand items like digger spade and Rayman, PickAxr and Cybernetic arm, And other more
    Time 15mins only

    For the not that rich players/rich players who do BFG ( break for gem ), that can break blocks easily and faster

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    I don't like it.

    The ability to wear two hand items isn't too bad on itself....until you consider Rayman's Fist. Any type of combination with Rayman's Fist will lead to chaos.

    It will also make some items very confusing. What if you wore Rayman's Fist and Gauntlet of Elements?

    How about Rayman's Fist and Neutron Gun?

    It is also just too OP. It will lead to Rayman's Fist+Digger Spades cleared worlds.

    This is also from considering the recipe. All Halloween items that are rarity 90 cost 2/wl up to 2 wls each at most. The effect this consumable offers.

    I don't even see how it can benefit "not that rich players" also.
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