Hi staff, I would like to suggest a few things for the game.

More backpack spaces - Please, I cannot bare with 196 backpack slots.

Buy Billboard - A billboard that shows you BUY a certain item, make the billboard have colors. For example, the sell billboard is color green while the buy billboard is red. With that, it would help more people to buy in royal locked worlds and reduce spammers.

The New Chat GUI - I love your update, It's just irritating to see this white line that shows the text we type, I mean there's already one in the chatbox but why place another one on top of the keyboard that only shows up when we type. It really lags people sometimes and their devices hang and etc. others also find it annoying for coverin almost 40% of their screen with that white line itself.

I hope this will be implemented

Thank you and have a spooky halloween