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    Are they going to rise back or drop?

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    IMO, Lgrid drop very slowly, before harvest fest its seed is 17-19/wl but 1-2 weeks (idk exactly) after harvest fest its drop to 21-23/wl (this drop kinda bad for me who buy 18/wl right before its drop). I remember this is happen to sorcerer last year. My prediction is Lgrid drop slowly but still its only my opinion.

    But if you ask me is it worth it to invest to lgrid, obviously yass for me 400 seed (9wl) is give 10-11k gems and seed growth (estimated break 1100 block) And that take less effort than pepper.
    200 block give 800-1000 gems this take 9-10 minute (4 hit with pickaxe)

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    All farmables drop over time

    It's still a good asset to have for gems
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