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Thread: The Daily Challenge Update Review

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    Default The Daily Challenge Update Review

    Hello, Im Heramix! I have 18 daily challenge wins and i know alot of stuff about every single daily challenge. Here i will be sharing my opinions about the update and going to point out which new features were great and which ones werent.and i will try to fix the issues with the daily challenge update and daily challenges in general.

    Personal Daily Challenge Rewards Change
    I like it, funfact i think its my idea from a post i made about 3 weeks ago before the update, for those who dont know what changed with the personal daily challenge rewards is that now the top 4 and 5th spot gets a challenge board, i wanted this for a long time and im glad its implemented.

    The New Daily Challenge
    So far, we have only seen 1 new daily challenge which is star strife.
    I absolutely hate this daily challenge, if you dont know how star strife works, this is how
    “Supporters have 2 hours to complete the most startopia missions! (Diffirent points for diffirent vectors). The thing i hate about this daily challenge is the “diffirent points for diffirent vectors” part. Growlactus is overpowered. You can get the same points by doing nexus missions for 2 hours with doing growlactus for 30 mins, the way to solve this is making all the vectors same point and changing the point system to like doctors duel where you lose points for every tool used.

    Guild Challenge
    The biggest thing of this update so far, its a really nice concept but its implemented badly, and the reason its implemented bad is not the guild challenge system itself but the guild challenge prizing system. So how it works is the leader of top 5 guilds gets a ledger, the people who participated in the guild challenge and also in a top 3 guild gets the special item depending on the daily challenge, and the poeple who participated in the guild challenge and in the top 1 guild gets a guild challenge crown and the special item.
    I like the way you get ledgers, i think that makes sense and shouldnt change but the other stuff NEEDS to change. In my opinion the special item should be given to a specific number of players. For example 15 best contributors for each top 3 guild. And the guild challenge crown should be given to the best 3 contributors in the top 1guild.
    (This would mean 3 new guild challenge crown generated every day)
    This will also eliminate the freeloaders which just does 1 point and gets a prize.

    Some things that should have been fixed

    Doctors Duel
    In doctors duel supporters have 2 hours to do the most surgeries (50 points -1 for every tool used) in my opinion there should be 2 changes to this daily challenge, first of those is that failing a surgery or using a legal brief should give you -100 points, this will stop legal boosters which just gives up tool consuming surgerys to save time. Even though this costs alot of world locks. The second change should be that maladies shouldnt give points. Im of course referring to torn punching muscle. Some people just does surgerys while their friends finds torn punching muscle for him. Which is not the point of a daily challenge where the players has to do it alone.

    Crystal Crusher
    In crystal crusher supporters have 2 hours to harmonize the most crystals.the problem i have with this daily challenge is the fact that you dont have to harmonize the crystals yourself, all you have to do is punch the crystal. So you can just have 5 friends harmonizing crystals for you when you just punch, this can be easily fixed with making it so only the player doing the daily challenge can harmonize the crystal, if not they dont gain points, this is implemented in chemical conundrum and i cant see why it wouldnt be implemented here.

    Carnie Contest
    In carnie contest supporters have 2 hours to win the most carnival games (brutal bounce doesnt count). There is alot of people saying this can be fixed with having a carnival for every player, but thats of course physically impossible so im going to try to fix it another way, first of all, there SHOULD be a guardian pineapple in carnival. What a guardian pineapple does is that it makes it so you cant use consumable. This will eliminate most of the snipers who just snowballs or phsyco bunnys you.the reason that there isnt a guardian pineapple is for the “Wasted” achievement which can be obtained by entering the secret game thats at the top right of the screen. The way to get this used to be by using a das red balloon but now you can just use high jump with double jump (for example zephyr helmet with soda jetpack) to get to the secret game, making the fact that there isnt a guardian pineapple useless.

    Pineapple Panic
    Do i even have to say anything for this one? Pineapple panic is where supporters have 2 hours to feed players with a pineapple body... this can easily be cheated by using alts and using super pineapples making it pay to win.. this daily challenge should be removed like cosmic crown and some other ones. Dont forget that those challenges got removed because they were too pay to win. This is the exact same.

    Growganoth’s game
    This is not about the daily challenge but about a exploit you can do to absolutely ruin this challenge, after the plasma hair got added to the game with the role up update players have been able to use rocket thruster boots with plasma hair to jump at a ridicilous rate. Now with the PAW 2019 Update you can cheat it even more by wearing a raccoon leash with the plasma hair and rocket shoes making you jump even higher. This will just make the daily impossible to win legit, which is really bad considering there is only 7 of these daily challenge per YEAR. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

    Daily/Guild Challenge Time
    If you ask me, 2 hours for a daily challenge is too long of a time. I think this should be decreased to 1 hour. Which will make the daily challenge more competitive and more rewarding, since you would spend less world locks to win the daily challenge because its 1 hour instead of 2. This is something i wanted for months now. I cant see why it wouldnt be implomented.

    Thank you for reading, be sure to reply if you think i should change something or add something.
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    Very epic + thorough analysis.

    I agree with you on the guild challenge part, it needs to be more fair.
    With the current system the Guild Crown has no value.
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    Bump, this thread really deserves attention from the devs
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    as someone who has participated in over 150 daily challenge I kinda agree with you. Also for chemical conundrum we should be allowed to have more then 1 chemsynth running

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    I don't think so


    Crystal crusher can't be fixed by making it so "only you can harmonize" simply because devs can not set up a system that detects when you place a block to harmonize, and to differentiate that from already placed blocks and stuff.
    Here's my proposal, make it so any crystal harmonized during the crystal crusher should be broken within 5 minutes of becoming harmonized, else it gives no points. Even here this can be bipassed though, you can't fix crystal crusher, it's just that hard.
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