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First Derby Contest

It's finally here! My server's first actual contest!

Now how would the contest work? Well first you need to be in my discord server ( )

You need to be in my discord server because that would be the only way I could contact you if you've won the contest.

How the contest would work is that there will be 4 batches to combat against timezones. What I mean by this, is that I will monitor the parkour world, when I'm on to monitor the world, that's the only time you can participate in the contest. Why? To avoid cheating/hacking, even if you do screenshot yourself when you've finished the parkour world including your record time, I would still have doubts. I'm just that kind of person.

Now onto the schedule of each batch:
Batch A - 7 AM PHT / 7 PM EST (Oct. 26)
Batch B - 12 PM PHT / 12 AM EST (Oct. 26)
Batch C - 3 PM PHT / 3 AM EST (Oct. 27)
Batch D - 12 AM PHT / 12 PM EST (Oct. 27)

I suggest going to google and search this "7 AM PHT"
The results would convert my timezone's clock into your timezone's clock, this is for you to know when the batch will be hosted in your country's timezone / clock

I hope to see a variety of young but fast steeds in my derby. Have a good day!

EDIT: I forgot to say, only one winner will be chosen from all 4 batches, which means, to win the contest, you need to have the best of the best record time. Also the prize is 2 DLs.