I wont single out this time, since my last thread got deleted. I havent broken any rules in this post so, you dont have the rights to delete it boi.

As i said in the title, there is a major and a old scammer that has been scamming for 2 years nonstop, just realize that this guy is a level 125, have 2 alts and is a major threat to the game and he must be banned, he generally wanders through; buyghc/seeds/buyrayman/show, aiming for 0-35 leveled people with expensive items. He also has a world called (****) a dropgame world made of nearly 90 shifty blocks (7wls each) and now, lets talk about how he scams so you guys could be aware of him, i will introduce it to you step by step.

I will just leave a screenshot of the world and censor my name, so he wont jam me by going to my world and burning it because of exposing him out.

1-He finds a random person from the worlds that i said and lets just say a random name for example (cba1234) who is leveled from 0-35, he meets the growtopian, tells him to "trd,Trade" and gives him 10 world locks for free, then leaves the world without saying nothing.

2-After nearly 5 minutes he goes to the growtopians world in this example its cba1234 and tells him to go to his world, once you go to his world there will also be a "random" guy that who seems that is a random guy but in reality, that guy mostly is his alt/friend he will pull you and the other to the dropping places, afterwards he will give you both 2 wls more, the "random" guy saying "i got free 12 wls lol" pretending to be a random person. Then he will drop a prize of 15 wls in the middle of the world, and leave just by saying "drop best win prize i leave world"

3-His friend will let you win the prize at first and ask you random questions like, "where are you from, how much is ur rayman, buy wings" and so on, his friend will drop 5-10 wls, the victim mostly drops 15wls and more to pass his friend, the owner enters (checks the cctv) and gives you the prize 15 wls, then makes the prize 25 wls,

4-At the second turn, his friend will tell you "let me win plz i need wls" and they will let you win for like 4 rounds in a row, giving you a total of 75 wls, in order to gain your trust.

5-After some wins, his friend will pass you no matter how many wls you drop, and get the Diamond lock prize,(to make you greedy and drop even more)

6-Depending on how rich you are, they will try to scam you directly proportional, if you look like a guy who has a rayman as his best item, they will try to get the 10-15 or even more dls, if you have dhorns, they will try to get the (50-75 wls) and so on.

7-And now they will let you win even more like 10-20 Dls if they realize that you are so rich, if they dont realise you are that much rich, they will scam the 5 dls for example, and the prize will always be more depending on the round (1st round-15wls,2-25wls,3-35 or 50wls,4-1dl,5-1dl,6-2dls,7-250wls,8-5dls,9-5dls) if you seem like a rich person they will let you win maximum 20 dls (by the way the wls that you will be getting is also directly proportional), and then drop a prize of 50,75 dls and leave the world, at this very moment if you drop more than the prize his friend will throw a psychotic bunny on you, if you are far from his friend, the owner will set up a door the the dropgame world and write /ban cba1234 on the chat once his friend gives a signal to the owner that you dropped, the owner will instantly enter to the world and ban you, or ultimately, if you have a friend near you protecting you from possible bans/bunnies if you drop, his friend will give a signal to the owner again once you drop and address change the world, moving you to the white door, and leaving the dls on the dropping places.

Best way to avoid this scam is to report the owner/his friend/the world and leave the place immediately since you cant know what they are gonna do/when they are going to scam you, you cant know the limit.

If a guardian/moderator/administrator is reading this please investigate this, they are major threats to the community and harming growtopians/growtopia, constantly leading them to quit the game.

Additional Screenshots :

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i will also edit the post when i see more setups.

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