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    Default Otters

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    I made this world, I hope it can win WOTD because I need it for the epic quest. Only 3 epic quests left!
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    First attempt? Well, pretty good for your first attempt! However, imagine the render without the giant pixel art, and while imagining the render without it - compare it to the recent WOTDs. Sure, pixel arts are important, but it's not the most important thing in a WOTD. Primary focus is always the gameplay & design in the gameplay, that is something people experience while actually playing the world; exploration - people can't really experience pixel arts besides looking at it for a second and giving a quick "wow, cool." It's very empty, and that saddens me - you're no blind man - put maximum effort into every corner rather than leaving it open.

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    The pixel art is amazing although you should make the other things interesting as well.

    Try blending the Deep sand with dark green blocks just blend them like they’re rocks.

    Do something with the top as well... just a tip of advice: The world is too empty but your pixel art is amazing and goes along with the background. Good luck with WOTD I hope my advice helps you. (Sorry if I sounded rude or anything just wanted you to have some tips of advice).

    Also, make an interesting terrain... give the land underwater some hills.
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    Default make it better

    like what others said make it better on the top, add more detail,

    have a look at my wotd- called thejokerattacks, you may have seen

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