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Thread: Since when were moderators allowed to spawn in items to give to their friends?

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    Default Since when were moderators allowed to spawn in items to give to their friends?

    Oh boy oh boy, months later and problems like these are still occurring.

    Player names will be redacted to prevent singling out.

    So today was player X’s Birthday, and they decided to have a party. This is all fine and good and there are no issues here. Player X is friends with a lot of the Canadian support members, still everything is fine and dandy. What is NOT fine however, is the fact that the Canadian support team spawned in unplaced public lava blocks to give to Player X as a “birthday present”. (daewud and odric)

    Why hasn’t this problem been fixed yet? This has happened so many times and it doesn’t seem to ever end. Moderators are not allowed to spawn in items and give them away to friends, it just doesn’t make any sense?

    This is just as ridiculous if not worse than the whole golden angel giveaway from a fashion show incident from months ago. They have had months to learn from their mistakes but these things are still happening?

    Can we get an official response to what’s been going on and what actions will be taken to prevent these issues from occurring in the future?
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    Wow you're SINGLING OUT mods. This is unacceptable!! It's not like they are public people well known and recognized in the GT community!! Singling out!

    INB4 thread removed
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    Odric is definitely the most immature moderator ever.

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    Hey there,

    Thanks for reaching out! I'm not sure what exactly you're talking about. We did not provide unplaced public lava blocks to any player. Please do not spread false information.

    Closing thread as you are calling out moderators in your post!

    Have a nice day,

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