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Hello Growtopians!

Put on your spookiest costume and go trick or treating because it's time for the scariest week of the year – Halloween! And guess what? We've got some more items for you to discover on all platforms!

Mobile & PC players, don't forget to visit GROWGANOTH but make sure to stay away from the Evil Eye's sight, since we still need you alive…

And if you're the creative type, check out our Halloween World Building-, Design a Spooky Character- and Low-Cost Cosplay Halloween Edition Contests … or be on the lookout for a frightening surprise in the game as well!

We're also happy to finally release the overhaul of the Chat System that we teased about a couple of months ago on Mobile & PC as well! Among other things, you can now sort your messages with different chat tabs!

In the Dev Diary below you can find a summary on how to participate in this year's Halloween event as well as an overview of the Chat system.

You spooked yet? Have some thoughts about the new Chat System? Let us know here for Mobile&PC.