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Thread: How you got your first world lock?

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    haha was clueless on this game ...then i realised trees drop gems. i planted and broke dirt and cave bg trees for gems until i could afford a wl. i was fascinated by seed drop rate of dirt and cbg trees lol.

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    i remember when the community was still nice back in 2015

    That time, someone asked me to help me with breaking his brick blocks, when i finished he gave me a tiny tank then i sold the tank for a wl.

    I was so happy that i got my first wl.
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    Ok Boomer, thanks for asking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felixcesar15 View Post
    i got my first wl back in somewhere in 2016/2017 when i win a tiger pet on the carnival, people are offering to me but since im not familiar with growtopia economy, i sold it for 1 wls but i am very happy even the tiger pet price is higher

    about you guys?
    Got my first world lock somewhere in 2015 got it from donation
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    sold sugar canes

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    I got it from my first friend. Befoire that, i got my first sl from some stranger. I didn't even know what sl is when that dude gave it to me and i was like dumbest person ever when he asked me to place it and then he tried tell how i can give acc in that sl to my son. Somehow i couldn't give acc to my son in that day and took some time before i finally succeed next day. (when i tried tap my son it didn't give acc to him so maybe my phone was crap)

    After that, some other showed how to farm grass and then i made my first 200 grass seeds in 1h and he sold them and i earned my first own wl.

    Oh my god it would be fun to meet that dude who desperately tried teach me with my first sl LMAO Can't even think now how dumb i was back then, cause i got my sons acc, what didn't have name or anything. My son used that acc before me, so he saw tutorials, i didn't. He was 7 yo and didn't know how to read so we were 2 totally noobs who knew absolutely nothing. I didn't know that ppl can come in my world, i didn't know about any locks, i knew nothing (and cause i have no net game history, at first i didn't even know that there is actual other humans). It was confusing first 3 days, before i met my first gt friend.
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    First WL -> Breaking random stuff that people donated to me (including pinballs and fish tanks)
    First WL on the account I'm currently using -> Farming grass
    I have no idea what I'm doing.

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    Got mine during early 2014, took me 6 months or so lol. I desperately sold crimson wings (which I just got from a friend) for 1 wl and I used to envy those who could easily sell ripper for a wl.
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