So, let me just start at it.
1)About the new chat system. On the old versions, when you type /sb and type nothing else, it used to show the price of sb (online player count). Now it doesn't. Also, the new interface makes it look a little complicated in my opinion.
2) I just locked a world named TOMBOFGROWGANOTH20, I had a ticket when I locked it. Now, just because the name starts with "TombOfGrowganoth", I cannot stay in the world. I mean, as I enter the world, it just auto-exits me from the world as long as I don't have a Dark Ticket in my inventory.
3) There is a visual bug with the water, there hasn't been before. Just noticed it, wanted to report. I mean, there are visible lines between water sprites.
4) Not sure if this is a bug, maybe just a precaution against long text spams. But I think that's a glitch. Lemme tell you what it is: Not like before, when writing a text/private message to someone, you have a smaller place to type now, which gives us a seriously smaller place to type.
Also, there sure are some bugs/glitches with the new interface, since it's new. Hope you can fix these.
Oh, and, just so you know, if you ask me, I'd rather the old chat system.
5) Also, just reminded that, the white banner (which displays your written text) on mobile Growtopia, blocks the "Cancel" button on some pages. Just so you know!