Hey, I play on Xbox/Switch servers and The leader of the LOL guild.
I am here to ask a few questions about that state of the Xbox servers.
I’m not sure where this fits in so imma just say it all.
If the community manager for consoles ever needs a hand I am allways free and happy to help. Just send us a message and I will let our community know or do whatever is needed of me.
I just want our community to grow and be a nice friendly community.
I am also writing to ask if there are any plans to advertise the console servers anywhere because as you may know our server is kind of dead at the moment.
We love the small community where everyone knows everyone, but we would love if a ton more people came and joined us. I know I’ve helped a lot of people on console already and I’d love to help a lot more.
Anything you guys or even anyone on the Xbox/switch servers need jut send us a message. Always willing to lend a helping hand
I really wish this gets seen by a lot of people. And I would like to help Ayame feel right at home on our server and help them with any plans or ideas they want to make reality. Just HMU

Xbox GT/Growtopia Name:XAG Lachie/XAG_lachie