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Thread: FORUM INFORMATION - Growtopia Tavern (Off Topic)

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    Question FORUM INFORMATION - Growtopia Tavern (Off Topic)

    Welcome to the Growtopia Tavern!

    Appropriate topics for this forum include;
    * Every topic out of Growtopia

    Attention, threads with such and similiar content below will be deleted and infractions might be given depending on the repetitive behavior:
    * Politics
    * Singling out/harrasment
    * Unreasonable threads intentionally made to rise post count
    * Drama


    General Forum Rules (see a more detailed explanation of our forum rules - The Growtopian Code - HERE.)
    1. Be civil
    2. Use the correct sub-forum
    3. Avoid spam
    4. No profanity

    NOTICE: Threads with empty content like "hello" or "roses are red violets are blue" will be deleted.
    Remember, quality > quantity.
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