Hello everyone!

My name is Nopleb and I'm from Finland!

I am really passionate about songwriting and singing/rapping in general. When I start writing a song my mind just drifts into another dimension where all of my emotions, feelings, and thoughts are! I usually spend a lot of time on this and try to hone my crafts and bring the best out of me. I also play the guitar and piano but rapping is definitely my strongest act. Other than that I play basketball although I'm not that good at it. I sometimes go out with my skateboard and try different tricks, I'm bad at it but I still do my best to learn all of them! I use to draw a lot more before but now I have kinda lost all of the motivation for it. And well obviously I play other games than Growtopia like League Of Legends, Minecraft, and overwatch! I also watch anime and make youtube videos!
Music has a special place in my heart, I've been singing all my life but I still consider myself pretty bad at it. Recently I've started to post them on the internet, and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from it!
I wish to find a place to belong and have friends surrounding me. I work hard to achieve my goals and I'm sure that one day I'll get what I want. Overall I'm just trying my best to both evolve myself and the people around me!
I have way too much time in my hands it mostly goes to Growtopia, I don't really like to farm so what I usually do is socialize with people.
I have two goals in Growtopia, the first one is to be friendly to everyone and make new friends! And the second one... I'll keep it as a secret for now..

I'm multilingual and I speak Finnish, English, and Estonian fluently. I'm also learning Swedish at my school currently.
I admire people who help people in their needs and I try to interfere when people are getting bullied or harassed as I despise things like that. I try to make the game more enjoyable for everyone as everyone should be able to have a fun experience while playing Growtopia!

If you have any questions regarding anything or just feel like chatting, feel free to DM me! I'm always answering them.

Thank you for reading,