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Thread: Screen Burn

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurtlePirate View Post
    (Xiaomi Redmi Note 7)

    I play Growtopia on mobile, after a month the menu, chat & friendlist button burned out and transparent game icons formed on my screen later.

    I've heard that the screen starts to fade due to bright pixels on your screen and after a while, the icons from the application will burn out on your screen.

    Example: There's a lot of bright & contrast buttons in Growtopia and they'll burn out on your screen later, which means you'll see transparent icons from the game on your screen even if you closed the game, they're permanent, so you won't be able to remove them.

    Solution: If those bright & contrast buttons would be less bright & contrast, then they obviously wouldn't damage your screen anymore.
    cant wait for battery burn then explode
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedaki View Post
    yall just got trash phones
    this is a common issue with displays of all types regardless of quality, and it isn’t exclusive to growtopia

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