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    Default Selling Perfect Fish

    Prices are somewhat negotiable. Please reply to this thread if you are interested.

    Normal Fishing

    Perfect Goldfish: 2WL
    Perfect Bass: 2WL
    Perfect Gar: 2WL
    Perfect Dogfish: 3WL
    Perfect Mahi Mahi: 2WL (*LIMITED AMOUNT*)
    Perfect Catfish: 2WL
    Perfect Sunfish: 2WL (*LIMITED AMOUNT*)
    Perfect Whale: 3WL
    Uranium Fishing

    Perfect Weird Manta Ray: 3WL (*OUT OF STOCK*)
    Perfect Maidmare Fish: 2WL (*LIMITED AMOUNT*)
    Perfect Double-Headed Angel-Devil Fish: 3WL (*LIMITED AMOUNT*)
    Ice Fishing

    Perfect Alpha Great White Shark: 3WL (*OUT OF STOCK*)
    Perfect Absolutely Real Elephant Fish: 3WL (*LIMITED AMOUNT*)
    Perfect Cuttlefish: 3WL (*LIMITED AMOUNT*)
    Perfect Sand Shark: 3WL

    Perfect Stonefish: 3WL (*OUT OF STOCK*)
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