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Thread: Top 15 Orc's Guild recruiting

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    Cool Top 15 Orc's Guild recruiting

    Orc Guild recruiting new mate's to join our generous teamwork based guild.
    • Be able to reach #17 personal reward.
    • Deposit us 30 Wl's (freeloader's go away).
    • Be active, easy talking, loyal to us.
    More rules and other stuff you can find in world ORCSGUILD.
    We are TOP 15 Guild in all events expect surgery and startopia.
    Contact online or DM on IG
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    Thumbs up Orc

    Also we always try to ensure safe environment in our guild and discord server like we don't allow toxicity to spread only if it's reasonable and for good purpose (prank or something like that). Everyone is marked and contacts are managed by me to ensure safety and we really are open for new players to join our team
    ING: DaryDary
    Guild: Orc
    Guild main: ORCSGUILD

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    Please do not call any players out, especially with no evidence to back up your claims.

    As a reminder, here's The Growtopian Code:

    Staff edit: @Daewud
    IGN : HHH
    Instagram: @gt.hhh
    Discord: OAKUM#0832

    Cheap bait shop at BAITHHH

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    Can i join guild? I ALWAYS do max in all events except startopia and surg but i can sponsor.

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    Wink 2019 Winter Clash: Cooking Conquer

    In winter's first clash we managed place top rank 14th with 40/65 members even that we don't rush for high and like staying in higher than 20 we still did great!
    ING: DaryDary
    Guild: Orc
    Guild main: ORCSGUILD



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