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Thread: A reverse Vending Machine

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    Default A reverse Vending Machine

    Okay, let's say you are very lazy and you are trying to buy something but nobody is at the BUY+ worlds. What is there was a machine that you could put WLS in the machine, then you can set what item and how many per WL you buy. Then if somebody comes into your world and has that item, they can exchange that/those item(s) for the WLS in the machine.

    Let me know what you think!
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    This is oversuggested
    there are some people who says their opinion abt this...

    "I just feel like this is a bit too powerful and will make the game even LESS social. There'd no longer be a reason to make supply worlds. Just go to your local BUYSUPPLIES12345 and dump everything within minutes. Lazy rich owners get even more profit on their vend worlds while putting in even less work." - Satanicus

    this idea is going to benefit alot of the buy+ owner i mean alot because they dont need mailbox anymore they are just going to place a vending then put what they buy so easy stock right ?" - FeezleGG

    As the above have mentioned, whats the use of it? The game would be way too unsocialble(If thats a word), if it was added, I would buy a vend world with links etc and I would put 2 vend per item and buy and sell. Perfect! Just need log on to transfer items..." -Naofumi

    Well for me.... its not a good idea as I read those comments
    The thread is here
    Just messing around xd
    Im back

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    Yes pls. This would be good. I would definitely use it.
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