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Thread: Super Broadcast Confirmation Prompt

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    Lightbulb Super Broadcast Confirmation Prompt


    My suggestion is for a confirmation prompt in the /sb command and megaphone.

    Why? Lately, a few Growtopians have been doing SB about you being able to "check your SB price" or any other believable messages which are false. I know this is a dumb thing but it helps players which have lots of gems, I mean lots like over 100k+. Although most players know this is fake, it can still result in one or two players (or more) falling into this trick.

    What if they did this when there is a high amount of concurrent players? (worst case scenario) Over 30k gems can be wasted from this simply by trusting it. I call upons the developers to consider about this to reduce any similar situation from happening again in the future. Though this is a small thing, it will help minority or even majority of the players.

    Off-topic. Megaphone should have the confirmation prompt as well as it will be much safer for players to make a second decision on whether they want to use the megaphone.

    For Developer

    Suggestion: Confirmation Prompt for Super Broadcast (SB) and Megaphone
    Reason: Tricks like type "/sb price" to view the SB price are nowadays appearing and players are falling into this trick. Gems are wasted from this.

    Also, an add-on to the suggestion. If possible, could you add a space between the message code and the original message?

    [SB]Message here

    That small little detail between the bracket and "Message" is irritating. There should be a space to make it look neat. Some messages have spaces while most doesn't. It should be like this.

    [SB] Message here
    Thank you.
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    Y u do dis


    Also, an add-on to the suggestion. If possible, could you add a space between the message code and the original message?
    yes please

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    Little protection against "accident" sbs would be cool imo



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