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I don't like your signature. Not one bit.

It looks like someone who is stupid.
But he's actually going insane and he is lost.
He can't find his way to his family.
He may look happy, but deep down, that emote is actually suffering.
He spends all of eternity, looking... For his family.

Does his family even exist? Or maybe they are all lost like him.

When he is laughing, he is actually crying. He used up all his tears during the proclamation which caused a massive war that ended up killing his wife.
During that time, France was an international superpower. (I know right, unbelievable)
France took over all the moon and used the humans on earth as little playthings.
That emote was able to escape to Kepler-B3894.
And there, his soul rusts and he is slowly dying from insanity.
Using your own truth as a joke about my life

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~~~~~~Image is very mesmerizing. ~~~~~~
10/10 be happy always