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Thread: How did I get hacked???

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    Hello EchoBlitz

    I'm fairly sure these past couple of days have been quite stressful for you considering your account was hacked.

    The suspension on the account is placed during our investigation so that we're able to track everything without any activity interfering.

    Please be sure to include any added details to your support ticket and we'll use it in conjunction with your case.

    For future reference, it's best to contact support right away to avoid any delay and false information concerning your specific issue.

    Take care now!
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    Since this issue is being addressed now I shall now close this thread.

    Top TIP: Enable your AAP for your protection! And if you get hacked immediately contact customer support. As long as your account is AAP-enabled (and the email address you used to connect with our CS team matches the email address you registered in the game) your stolen items will be given back to you.



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