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    Default what's the point..

    Mayday! Mayday!
    The ship is slowly sinking.
    They think im crazy but they don't know the feeling..
    Scammers around me,circling like vultures.
    They wanna break me and take all my world locks..
    take all my world locks..

    Take me high and I'll sign OKAY OKAY OKAY
    We are one in the same
    Oh,you take all of the pain away..away..away...
    Save me if I becomeee MY SCAMMERS!

    What's the point, I already lost hope in humanity. 2 days ago both of my best friends forever betrayed me,one scammed 80wls,one dumped me after. Pressure from my guild leader,tons of betrayals..
    The song was about me.. the "Save me if I become MY SCAMMERS" part is me asking for help because scamming thoughts are corrupting me, I'm corrupting just like them
    what's the point of farming if you're just gonna lose it?
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