2nd sem and theres this teacher of Personal Development, a senior religious teacher teaching here in LOA for years.

On our 2nd day with her was the discussion, oddly enough she treated us childish to be well-behaved just like what teachers do on kindergarten and causing half all of my classmates to feel you know, funny and infuriated.

Well i personally didnt dislike her for being nice, kind, and respecful to us. But as she continue the topic, she often shares some stories that reflects on what might happen to us like getting jitsu or being jistued, you know what i mean.

Then thats the time where she confidently said to us that we dont know ourselves. That. Line. Kinda shocked me, im just silent as i am and staying at my best behaviour to not defend a statement that some of us DO know who we are.

As time goes by, she said about what and how we should be, that we should follow our mothers and fathers about their footsteps and whatnot, trying not to make your dads name dirty and a lot of things that didnt feel like we have a power to be who we wanted to be.

Well, some of you would probably agree with her that we might actually not know ourselves but, things arent always like that. As people mature, they learn from curiosity and it also takes affect on what had happened from the past.

Me, i know i who i wanted to become, i know my set of dreams even if i havent laid a path on which, future holds everything from me. I am aware of this and that, sure i may not know a lot but if youre being yourself, youll paint your own path to happiness and success. Things are however stopping me from doing so to feel myself because i hold so many secrets that i can never let anyone else to discover, no matter how close they are because i know to myself on what the outcome would possibly look like. Thats why its hard to bring someones expectations down on what you want and it prevents you from expressing who you really are and who you wanted to be.

Thats why we are all unique with sets of abilities, even if up to these days some of us feel like everythings going to collapse, there could be still a glimmer of hope that will grant us the ability to change things.

But as always, truth hurts and everything takes sacrifice, it is just all up on how you want to tell your story.

Thats whats been inside my head, because, im just upset that the one who listens to me will understand and say something to it, but i know it is too complicated for someone to try and stay away from the common human nature that made us believe that things has to be this or that or else you wont step up.

What about you? Now dont ask for a tldr, this thread is simply asking about if you know who you are, not forcing you to read every single statements ive made.

I feel relieved sharing this here, well off this goes to my journal as well.

Have a nice day ^-^