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Thread: Secret Santa 2019

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    Jul 2019

    Default My list!

    In game Name: BillyBobsGt
    World for gift dropoff: SmellyFarms
    Alternate Contact: Steam: Salty Naruto (I am also active on forums)
    Interests In Game: Hanging out with my friends, building parkour worlds, and making new friends
    Wishlist: Reindeer leash, magic Reindeer bell, polar bear leash, or any cool new Winterfest clothes/pets!

    If you cannot afford any of those items, I understand.
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    IGN: Wallnutkillu
    World: SFARMAQ
    Alternate Contact: Discord - wallnutkillu#3992
    Interests: Socializing in-game and profitting 😎😎😎
    Wishlist: Anything white!

    😁😁 thx in advance

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    Post Secret Santa!

    In-game Name: CanYaNot
    World for gift dropoff: 6H7N
    Alternate Contact: Discord @CanYaNot#6860 or Instagram @canyanot_gt
    Interests In Game: I really like hosting events/competitions.
    Wishlist: Anything really. The number one thing I really want in this game is Pheonix Wings. BUT, something like The Gungnir or a Chaos Cursed Wand is also on my wish list. So surprise me!
    Come Join Secret Santa 2019!

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    In game Name: Ryanx99
    World for gift dropoff: MFPX
    Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc: Rymaster99#1137 for Discord (Diddy Wop Georgeanos if ur in TK's discord, regulars list)
    Interests In Game: Profitting lol. idk why but i find it so fun watching my wealth slowly grow and as much as this game frustrates me i've never stopped playing it for long. also enjoy chatting with my friends but most of my irl friends dont play much. big sad
    Wishlist: If you could bless your man with a famine's steed I'd be unbelievably grateful but if not, maybe hit me up with an IOTM that's not grazors?

    btw got grinched last szn and i'm salty af but i got faith in the community this time let's do it
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    In game Name: PixelJr

    World for gift dropoff: PIXELJR

    Alternate Contacts: Discord - PixelJr#7411 / Instagram - @iampixeljr

    Interests In Game: Literally everything, mostly building and transcribing songs.

    Wishlist: Lyre, Tweed Flat Cap, Guild Challenge Crown, Superb Chef's Super Spatula, or a Fiesta Mariachi Guitar. (Please don't hesitate to choose something out of the list if they're too hard to find. And please choose only one.)

    Thanks, S. Santa! <3
    IGN: PixelJr
    Guild: ANCIENTS
    Instagram: @iampixeljr
    Discord: PixelJr#7411
    Growtopia Forums Discord:

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    In game Name:mesprit123
    World for gift dropofffarm3q
    Alternate Contact: forums
    Interests In Game: afking
    Wishlist: thingamabob if possible if not just surprise me with what you can get with your budget 😊

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aproperisme View Post
    In game Name:mesprit123
    World for gift dropofffarm3q
    Alternate Contact: forums
    Interests In Game: afking
    Wishlist: thingamabob if possible if not just surprise me with what you can get with your budget 😊
    U joking. ?
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    In game Name: EmperorBox
    World for gift dropoff: PACHUPS
    Alternate Contact: Discord; EmperorBox#1637
    Interests In Game: Building, playing spleef and parkour, and chatting with friends
    Wish-list: If you can afford one of these then I guess I want em to be given to me; Harvester of Sorrow, MK IV Robotic Wings, Magic Magnet, Seafoam Hair, Diamond Horns. Surprise me if you can't afford any of these. I don't really need any of these that much I just think they're cool so don't worry about your gift, I'm sure I'll like it.
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    Come join the Secret Santa 2019! It's an exchange gift thing like in Christmas parties!

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    In game Name: icyturtle
    World for gift dropoff: beeturtle
    Alternate Contact: discord at yeetusdeletus#6754
    Interests In Game: sparkly things, rare things, super cute things (β—•β€Ώβ—•βœΏ)
    Wishlist: im a collector, check out my collection at icyturtle and get me anything you think I'm missing. i have a preference towards leashes. alternatively if u want something more specific, im missing growmojis ill, grin, shamrock, heartarrow, grow. also just putting it out there but i like dragon turtles and riding turtles
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    Buying dirt block 5k/wl. Hmu.
    IGN: IcyTurtle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aproperisme View Post
    In game Name:mesprit123
    World for gift dropoff: pfarm3q
    Alternate Contact: forums
    Interests In Game: afking
    Wishlist: thingamabob if possible if not just surprise me with what you can get with your budget 😊
    To the secret santa of this guy, The world name was turned wrong due to forum emojis, it's fixed now. guy with this message pls edit
    Quit this game already
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    I've added a small contest to boost advertising of this event before the signs up close.

    It's 2 free world locks if you participate. Though more importantly, it also means more people will find out about Secret Santa and join, the more the merrier!
    Check it out HERE!
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    Join Secret Santa 2019!

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    Time for my first secret santa!

    In game Name: ItzEaglet
    World for gift dropoff: Eagdonate
    Alternate Contact: in siggy~
    Interests In Game: Getting wls, Socializing and having fun!
    Wishlist: Eagle Spirit, Pinata or Red Derg (please red derg)

    Happy holidays!
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    Discord: scr0nchi#1435
    Ign: ItzEaglet
    Main: EagsWorld
    Ig: hey_im_eaglet

    My english is deteriotiating :[

    Pl0x Don8 in EagDonate yes

    Pwease visit :3

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    Who knows.


    In game Name: yoshi8u
    World for gift dropoff: yoshi8u
    Alternate Contact:
    Discord: yoshi8u#7839
    Instagram: @yoshi8u
    Interests In Game: Balloon warz, surgery, building, parkour, hosting stuff, cows
    Wishlist: Cow/s because they are the best item in the game, yoshi dirt gun thingy, or literally any other item

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    IGN: Tlaloc1

    World: TLALOC1

    Alternate contact: @tlaloc1s_domain on insta, @tlal0k on twitter, and tlaloc1#9117 on Discord (Though I'm less active on discord), though make sure you tell me that you are from the forums.

    Interests in Game: collecting items, maxing out my level, helping out others in any way i can

    Wish list: Any glitch or collectable item would be neat. Also, anything that could help me get more XP would be greatly appreciated. And if you can, chickens.

    I participated in a secret santa event here on the forums like two or so years ago, so I'm gonna go ahead and enter in this one as well.

    IGN: Tlaloc1
    Level: 93
    800,000 gems / 1,000,000
    Switch Friend Code - SW-7893-5905-4585

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    So glad I just saw this and didn't miss out on this annually fun event!

    In game Name: AttisGT
    World for gift dropoff: AttisBox
    Alternate Contact: Instagram @attisgt
    Interests In Game: Pet battling
    Wishlist: A cool new pet for my pet battling squad would be nice, as long you give me with sincerity, I will accept any gift :3

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    Default Secret Santa Hype!

    First time doing the forums ss! I am a big forum lurker and wanted to participate!
    IGN: Cranytorso
    World for gift dropoff: Cranystream ( or msg me on discord/reddit if you want/have to give in person)
    Discord(I will be more likely to respond on discord):crankytorso#4106
    Reddit; u/cranytorso
    Interests In Game:I race WOTD parkours with my sister daily and hope to make one of my own that makes it into wotd. Experimenting with new movement blocks in order to make cool jumps in my parkours is also fun for me!
    Wishlist: I am more into this for the giving then the receiving. I enjoy creativity so If you want to make music or a parkour for me instead of an item by all means go ahead! I only like clothing items that give me an advantage in game, the only ones I am missing from my collection are , zephyr helm, dragoscarf/madhatter, Ice skates. I also like rare place-able blocks things like onyx blocks or any block for that matter that you almost never see placed in growtopia! If you like massing I always need more magic bacon wallpaper seeds lol

    *blue is cheep items that are under a/a wl if you don't want to spend much
    **I know I put a lot of things on my wishlist because I hate ppl who don't give any guidance. But if you have something else in mind feel free to surprise me!!!
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    In game Name: TheSamsoed
    World for gift dropoff: samsroot
    Alternate Contact: Discord (thesamsoed#3098)
    Interests In Game: Search for profit idea (like linear programming or something), hangout w/ friend, greet people, etc.
    Wishlist: Simon says surprise me

    Edit: if you hard to decide, i wish item that rise over time just like candy cane bait or something.
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    IGN : TheSamsoed (lv. 72)
    Worldlocks β‰ˆ complicated, most invested to guild event, balloonwarz related item and start bountiful.

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    Where's myLocation?


    In game Name: myLocation
    World for gift dropoff: Mizzles
    Alternate Contact: Discord, Instagram, etc : mylocationgt, mylocation #8770
    Interests In Game: Yeah, i love building, farming, and also i enjoyed play GT ( anything Technological)
    Freeze wand, chaos cursed wand, winter radiance aura, sprite's robe or anything that you can afford -Surprise me!

    TBH: i'm outdated gimme some stuff that worthy to keep, since i love good cool items! pls no blocks/consumeable!
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    In game Name: EYoshy
    World for gift dropoff: EnchantedYoshi
    Alternate Contact: Yoshi#1910
    Interests In Game: Building/Fishing/Puzzles/Contests/Friends
    Wishlist: Epoch machine, Will of the wild, Goldrod or a surprise
    Last edited by EnchantedYoshi; 12-09-2019 at 03:31 AM.
    ID: EYoshy
    World: EnchantedYoshi

    Come Join Secret Santa 2019!

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    I'm joining in...

    In game Name: JonVince
    World for gift dropoff: JonVince
    Alternate Contact: Instagram (@jonvince_gt)
    Interests In Game: Building, Monthly Events, and hanging out with friends
    Wishlist: Anything memorable to keep is nice as long as you are sincere from the heart. But a Monkey On Your Back would be nice.
    Hello there, enjoy your day.



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