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Thread: Secret Santa 2019

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    Banjansaya, Butuan.

    Default If want to try join no bully pls

    Name : BUTUAN0N

    Alternate contact: twitter, Facebook.
    Intrest game: Playong, farming, reporting, hang-out thing, being sad, being happy, geigering, bfging, adding new friends.. And so on..

    Wish list: Don't donate me expensive, donate me on what's into your heart!

    Hopefully one or more donated to me, thanks in advanced.

    And dear Mod BlueDwarf, don't add me in the naughty list plwz?
    To live or to die, I shall prevail.

    Main world: BUTUAN0N.. NAME GAME: BUTUAN0N

    LEVEL: 10

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    IGN: IHasName

    Drop Off World: FTNK

    Alternate Contact: Discord (IHasName#0013)

    Interests: Profiting, random fun things

    Wishlist: 1-5 Builder's Lock(s) would be great!
    [Tryhards] - Guild Level 6

    IGN: IHasName

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    the united states of they're taking medicare away send help


    In game Name: Chibiusa
    World for gift dropoff: CHIBIUSA
    Alternate Contact: Kimbelina#5496
    Interests In Game:baKiNG, i have a comfy lil cafe in game and I enjoy tending to it a lot. just started playing again recently, and it's the only thing I've been focusing on.
    Wishlist: Anything cute and meaningful uwu. You could send me a nice letter, or seriously anything. Doesn't have to be fancy, but as long as it's from the heart I'll appreciate it no matter what :> Or anything funny, like send me a bunch of cheese blocks of sumn and send some puns in the donation box.
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    keeping it short and sweet
    Discord IGN: Kimbelina #5496
    A.K.A. Kimi <3
    originally known as Chibiusa



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